Towards an ‘American Referendum’?


In the wake of the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin killings, are black and white Americans ‘better together’ à la Scotland? Or has the time come for a Soviet-style breakup of the United States of America and the implementation of a Mideast-like ‘two-state solution’ to America’s enduring and seemingly insoluble race problem? With white Americans staring down the barrel of a demographic Pearl Harbour in the year #2042 (and one that will see them plunge into permanent ethnic minority status in a country they once dominated) and with black Americans determined to forever rid themselves of the homicidal racism they continue to endure over 400 years since they disembarked from slave ships, could it be that for the first time in US history there exists a unique mutuality of interests that now makes possible an amicable parting of the ways between those two perennially warring peoples? Has the time thus come for black Americans to establish a Scottish-style ‘Black National Party of America’ that will lead her demands for secession from Washington DC into the nine states of the American South and grant the remaining 41 states to white America and the rest of the US populace? Let the debate begin…


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