THE MALCOLM X KILLERS: National Secretary John Ali

In an astonishing journalistic scoop worthy of TMZ, Nation of Islam historian and broadcaster Lance Shabazz has secured the first and only ever interview in nearly 50 years with John Ali, the former National Secretary of the Nation of Islam, about his role in the assassination of Malcolm X. Ali was one of Malcolm X’s mortal enemies and the individual suspected of organizing the Newark mosque #25 hit squad that murdered Malcolm X. Long suspected of having been an informant for the FBI, Ali was involved in a 1965 effort to recruit five Fruit of Islam (FOI) lieutenants in New York (including Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson) to assassinate Malcolm X.

This interview is noteworthy for the systematic denials that John Ali issues in response to specific questions about his January 1965 New York visit – denials which fly in the face of accounts provided by Butler, Johnson and others that the visit (and its nefarious purpose) did, in fact, take place. Ali’s trip to New York also provides conclusive evidence that the Malcolm X assassination was organised out of the NOI’s national headquarters in Elijah Muhammad’s Chicago residence and refutes the false narrative (peddled by Louis Farrakhan, Akbar Muhammad and other current NOI officials) that the assassination was the work of loose cannon ‘zealots’ affiliated with mosque #25. Ali presently serves in an NOI splinter group headed up by former Springfield mosque #13 captain, John X Peters.

2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the brutal assassination of Malcolm X and we are calling on President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to publish all federal government files and records, without alteration or redaction, relating to the 1965 crime.


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