The FBI Files on Malcolm X – And Why They Matter


THE FBI FILES ON MALCOLM X – AND WHY THEY MATTER: Anyone who has read those FBI files on Malcolm X which have been made public will doubtless be aware of the extensive deletions/redactions with which they are riddled. In particular, there are several redactions of names clearly belonging to top Nation of Islam (NOI) officials who are quoted as making death threats against Malcolm X or otherwise denouncing their former colleague. These deletions were clearly designed to protect those NOI officials who served as FBI informants.

One of the most conspicuous absences from the FBI files on Malcolm X is the name of Louis Farrakhan. His name NEVER appears in any of the files. Could it be that Farrakhan’s name is one of those which lies hidden behind the redactions? It is noteworthy that the name of NOI national secretary John Ali, a person long suspected of having served as an FBI informant, is NOT redacted in any of the Malcolm X files. Could it be that the urban legend of “FBI agent John Ali” was a piece of disinformation spread by the Bureau for the purpose of sowing confusion within the NOI’s ranks and deflecting attention away from one of their key informants, namely, Louis Farrakhan himself?

There are a number of reports from the FBI’s Boston field office which refer to an unnamed individual who has been furnishing them with information relating to threats against Malcolm’s life. Since Louis Farrakhan was the MINISTER of Muhammad’s Mosque #11 in Boston, could either he or one of his Boston colleagues be the FBI informant whose identity is being concealed?

This is WHY the Malcolm X files MATTER. The number of key NOI officials whose names are redacted in these documents and whose unmasking as FBI informants (in the event that President Obama decides to declassify and publish these files) will come as a SHOCK of such seismic proportions that it could prove CATASTROPHIC to the NOI and precipitate the collapse of the organisation, irrespective of whether or not a ‘smoking gun’ is found directly implicating Elijah Muhammad or Louis Farrakhan in the assassination of Malcolm X.

It is for this reason that we URGE you all to SIGN and SHARE the Malcolm X petition and help us to persuade President Obama to finally publish the Malcolm X Files.


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