When Farrakhan Met Mandela

WHEN FARRAKHAN MET MANDELA: In one of the EPIC missed opportunities of ALL time, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan squandered an unprecedented chance to secure the support of Nelson Mandela and the entire African continent in placing the plight of Black America (and her quest for reparations and justice) before the United Nations at a time when Mandela’s moral authority was at its peak and Farrakhan’s own popularity was at an all-time high following the success of his 1995 ‘Million Man March’ on Washington DC.

When one considers that Mandela owed Black Americans an immense debt of gratitude stemming from the role they played in forcing the Reagan administration to disinvest from, and impose sanctions on, South Africa’s apartheid regime (as well as secure Mandela’s release from his 27-year incarceration), ‘Madiba’ would have gladly thrown the full weight of his ANC government behind a Farrakhan-led UN resolution calling for an end to police brutality and other human rights violations and the payment of BILLIONS of dollars in reparations for 300+ years of Black American enslavement – had Farrakhan only had the decency and sense of duty to ASK.

Mandela’s backing for such a UN resolution would itself have received the full support of the entire African continent as well as the nations of Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. 19 years on from such a resolution Black America would today be a transformed place, with thousands of reparations-funded enterprises, a permanent UN presence comparable to that of the Palestinian Authority and a series of Black American consulates and/or chargés d’affaires in every country of relevance on Earth.

Instead, what did we get? A worthless ‘World Friendship Tour’ which produced no meaningful ‘friendships’ for suffering Black Americans but instead consisted of self-indulgent photo-ops, pleasantries and platitudes in which Farrakhan ‘skinned-and-grinned’ his way across 26 nations (followed in 1997 by an even LESS productive 52-nation tour) only to return home as empty-handed as he left.

And 19 years on, what do we have? A blaspheming braggart who periodically boasts about his ‘divinity’ and ‘international connections’ with ‘world leaders’ and yet studiously AVOIDS leveraging those relations to concretely advance Black America’s national and global interests. And this is the same person who labelled journalist Milton Coleman as a ‘traitor’ who should be punished with death – and who successfully incited the MURDER of Malcolm X.


21st February 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Malcolm X assassination and we demand that Louis Farrakhan publish all of the NOI’s files and records, in full and without alteration, on the five known assassins of Malcolm X: William X Bradley, Leon Davis, Talmadge Hayer, Albert Benjamin Thomas and Wilbert McKinney. We are also appealing to President Barack Obama to publish all US federal government files and records, without alteration or redaction, relating to the 1965 crime.


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