The Assassins of Malcolm X


In a year that marks the 52nd anniversary of the 21st February 1965 assassination of Malcolm X, we believe that a number of recent developments relating to this atrocity require the US Department of Justice to take a second look at what remains, to this very day, an unsolved crime.

William X Bradley (aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz)


In 2010, the current Democrat Senator of New Jersey, Cory Booker, recorded a TV campaign commercial as part of his Newark mayoral race and in which, unbeknownst to him, one of the suspected assassins of Malcolm X – indeed the person believed to have fired the fatal shotgun round that took Malcolm’s life – made a fleeting but chilling appearance. This alleged killer, Al-Mustafa Shabazz (formerly known as William X Bradley), is alive and well and, of all things, working as the proprietor of the First Class Championship Development Centre gymnasium located at 936 Bergen Street in Newark. News reports of his emergence and whereabouts appeared in a number of publications in 2011:






The ‘MalcolmsRevenge’ YouTube channel features a video that contains film footage shot outside the Audubon Ballroom in the immediate aftermath of Malcolm’s slaying and that has appeared in numerous documentaries about the subject. But it wasn’t until 2010 that a member of the public identified, for the first time in over 40 years, the Frankenstein-like frame of assassin Bradley who, in a display of stupefying audacity, is still lingering at the scene of his own murderous act and attempting to free his fellow assassin, Talmadge X Hayer (aka Thomas Hagan), from the clutches of an angry mob. None of these recent revelations are to be found in any published work on the Malcolm X assassination.

Like an aging former Nazi war criminal who managed to escape judgement at the Nuremberg Trials and later went on to reinvent himself as a respectable senior citizen and pillar of his local community, Bradley was featured in a recent New York Daily News report and one that could finally bring him to the attention of the US Department of Justice and its incoming Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Clarence 2X Gill


An extremely rare 90s-era photo has surfaced in which Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is pictured with the former ‘captain’ of Boston Mosque #11, CLARENCE 2X GILL (Gill is on the right with the blue bow-tie). Farrakhan himself was the minister of the Boston temple. Gill, who served as one of Muhammad Ali’s bodyguards and close confidants, is suspected of having been part of a ‘back-up’ hit team at the Audubon Ballroom on the occasion of Malcolm X‘s 21st February 1965 assassination. Gill was reportedly shot by one of Malcolm’s bodyguards (Reuben Francis) while attempting to flee the venue and may have later received treatment for his wounds at Ali’s Miami training camp – quite possibly from Ali’s very own fight doctor.

Gill, a cocaine addict, was an especially psychotic and homicidal character and was implicated by Malcolm himself in an assassination attempt that was to have been carried out in league with fellow Massachusetts ‘captain’ of Springfield Mosque #13, John X Peters. Both Gill and Peters had camped out in the New York home of Farrakhan’s half-brother, ALVAN X FARRAKHAN, ahead of the attack and all three are widely suspected of carrying out the 14th February 1965 firebomb attack on Malcolm’s home – along with Norman 3X Butler, Thomas 15X Johnson and the ‘captain’ of Harlem’s Mosque #7, Joseph X Gravitt.

In February 1965 the New York Herald Tribune carried an article (penned by the late Jimmy Breslin) in which he described the NYPD’s arrest of TWO suspects in connection with the Malcolm X assassination – only to have the story later altered to reflect the arrest of only ONE suspect in the afternoon edition of the same paper, notwithstanding the fact that several eyewitnesses corroborated and confirmed the earlier version of the story.

Eyewitnesses have since confirmed that the second suspect arrested by the NYPD that afternoon was none other than Clarence Gill. If true, this would establish a Boston Mosque #11 presence at the Audubon Ballroom on the day of Malcolm’s assassination – and directly implicate Louis Farrakhan in the assassination of Malcolm X.

Talmadge X Hayer (aka Mujahid Abdul Halim)

Thomas Hagan, the man who assassinated Malcom X 43 years ago. At the time of the assassination Mr Hagan was 26 and a militant member of the Nation of Islam, the fatal shooting took place on Feb 21 1965. Ref: SPL31641  190508   Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:	310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666

In this damning interview confessed Malcolm X assassin, Talmadge X Hayer (aka Thomas Hagan aka Mujahid Abdul Halim), implicitly acknowledges that he bears full responsibility for the wrongful imprisonment of Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson due to his blunt refusal to identify his true co-assassins during his 1966 trial for the assassination of Malcolm X. Hayer, who later named his accomplices in a 1977-78 sworn affidavit, also admits that he committed perjury during the trial by falsely claiming that he was not a member of the Nation of Islam – a falsehood adopted by other suspected participants in the Malcolm X assassination (such as New Jersey FOI lieutenant Agurs Linward X Cathcart who has also claimed that he was “not an active member” of Newark Mosque #25 at the time of his 21st February 1965 visit to the Audubon Ballroom where he reportedly ‘supervised’ the Malcolm X murderers).

These attempts by the Malcolm X assassins and their accomplices to disassociate themselves from the NOI is a common tactic employed by the participants in this crime in a bid to protect Elijah Muhammad and the NOI’s Chicago leadership from culpability and, as a ploy that was devised during the planning of the assassination, is circumstantial evidence of guilt in its own right.

The Hayer interview raises further questions as to whether this confessed assassin may have lied in his 1977-78 affidavit when he claimed that the plot to murder Malcolm X was hatched solely by himself and his four New Jersey Mosque #25 accomplices and was not ordered from Chicago. We now know this to be untrue due to publicly available evidence that NOI National Secretary, John Ali visited New York City in early 1965 for the express purpose of recruiting Hayer and others to assassinate Malcolm X – a visit that could only have taken place with the explicit approval of NOI leader Elijah Muhammad and the man who bears ultimate responsibility for the assassination of Malcolm X.

Hayer, who was paroled in 2010, thus has on his conscience not one but two lamentable misdeeds: the cold-blooded murder of Malcolm X and the decades-long, wrongful imprisonment of two ostensibly innocent men – Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson. And as a proven liar, new questions have to be raised as to the reliability of Hayer’s claim that the assassination was carried out solely by himself and his four New Jersey accomplices – or whether, as some experts have long speculated, the entire plot may have consisted of up to ten participants: half of them from Newark Mosque #25 and the other half from Harlem Mosque #7, some located on the inside of the Ballroom while others lay in wait outside to murder Malcolm X in the event he managed to escape from the venue.

A first step in reopening the investigation into the assassination of Malcolm X and securing the conviction of the aforementioned Mr Bradley should therefore take the form of a subpoena issued to Hayer and that requires this convicted murderer to swear a new affidavit in 2017 (following on from his 1977-78 affidavits) and in which, having been shown a recent photograph or video of Mr Bradley, Hayer is legally compelled, on pain of imprisonment, to clearly state whether or not the person in the photograph or video is the same individual with whom he carried out the Malcolm X killing.

Norman 3X Butler (aka Muhammad Abdul Aziz)


‘The (Abraham) Zapruder film shows the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but doesn’t show the assassins. The Black Zapruder film doesn’t show the assassination of Malcolm X, but it shows the assassins…’ – Karl Evanzz (author of ‘The Judas Factor’), 6 March 2014

Norman 3X Butler, a former lieutenant at the NOI’s Harlem Mosque #7, was one of three persons convicted for the 1965 assassination of Malcolm X. He was paroled in 1985 and has always maintained his innocence. His alibi during the 1966 assassination trial is that he was at home nursing an injured leg when the killing occurred. But as this startling video reveals, an individual who bears a striking resemblance to Butler (known today as Muhammad Abdul Aziz) can clearly be seen outside the Audubon Ballroom in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

In the event that the person in the video turns out to be Butler it would mean that Talmadge X Hayer, the supposedly repentant assassin who finally ‘told the truth’ in his 1977-78 sworn affidavits to attorney William Kunstler, may have lied in those affidavits when he explicitly exonerated Butler of any involvement in the killing. It would also mean that Hayer may have committed perjury during his 1966 trial when he testified, under oath, that neither Butler nor his accused accomplice, Thomas 15X Johnson, had played any part in the crime. This could place Hayer, who was paroled in 2010, in some legal jeopardy owing to these apparent untruths.

Butler’s confirmed appearance in the Audubon Ballroom video (dubbed the ‘Black Zapruder Film’ by author Karl Evanzz) would serve to substantiate eyewitness testimony provided by former NOI Mosque #7 member Sharon 6X Shabazz that an individual fitting Butler’s description was either one of the shooters or one of those involved in the “get your hand out of my pocket” ruse that was staged in the auditorium in order to distract Malcolm’s bodyguards.

It could also lend further credence to a theory first floated by filmmaker (and former NOI member) Omar Shabazz to the effect that the Malcolm X assassination plot may have involved two hit squads – one team from New Jersey Mosque #25 and a second ‘backup’ crew from Harlem’s Mosque #7 (the mosque to which Butler was affiliated) and whose job it was to administer the coup de grace in the event that Malcolm escaped the New Jersey killers. The behaviour of the Butler-like individual in the video strongly suggests that he is trying to force his way into the crowd to perhaps see if Malcolm is actually dead and, if not, to finish Malcolm off himself.

In a final Hitchcockian twist to this sordid tale, Butler was appointed as chief of security for Harlem’s Mosque #7 in 1998 by NOI leader Louis Farrakhan – a position from which Butler was later forced to resign following an outcry from Black America. It would appear that his appointment by Farrakhan was made as a ‘thank you’ for his silence and loyalty to the NOI during the period of his incarceration and may suggest that Farrakhan is, in fact, fully aware of the criminal role Butler played in the events of the 21st of February 1965 – a role that Farrakhan deemed worthy of reward.

Elijah Muhammad Jr.


The former Assistant Supreme Captain of the Nation of Islam (and son of its late leader, Elijah Muhammad), Elijah Muhammad Jr. – perhaps the key figure in the Malcolm X assassination – presided over a notorious Fruit of Islam (FOI) meeting on 28 June 1964 and during which he delivered a grotesque order that Malcolm’s home be destroyed, his family murdered, Malcolm’s tongue be severed by his NOI attackers, placed in an envelope and delivered to him to be presented to his father, Elijah Muhammad, as a macabre ‘gift’ or trophy.

Elijah Jr is believed to have issued several direct orders to kill Malcolm X during 1964-5 and is most likely the person who directed National Secretary John Ali to assemble the 10-man ‘Special Team’ (codenamed ‘Task Force FARD’ and comprising FOI ‘soldiers’ from New Jersey Mosque #25 and New York Mosque #7) which carried out the 21st February 1965 assassination of Malcolm X.

Agurs Linward X Cathcart (aka Abdul Karriem Muhammad)


In a role eerily reminiscent of that performed by Mafia enforcer Luca Brasi in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather (where Don Corleone tasks his loyal hatchet man with visiting drug lord Virgil Sollozzo to feign disillusionment with his own Family in a cunning ruse aimed at drawing out the Don’s enemies), Nation of Islam lieutenant Agurs Linward X Cathcart (aka Abdul Karriem Muhammad) of Muhammad’s Mosque #25 in New Jersey has implausibly claimed that his decision to attend the Malcolm X rally at the Audubon Ballroom on 21st February 1965 was driven by his ‘disaffection’ with Elijah Muhammad’s program and his new-found interest in Malcolm X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) initiative.

In reality Cathcart, like Brasi, remained loyal to ‘Don Elijah’ and was likely present at the Audubon Ballroom in order to ‘oversee’ the five Newark Mosque #25 assassins in the conduct of their murderous ‘operation’, ensure the success of the hit on Malcolm X and report back to NOI National Secretary John X Ali (who was in New York at the time) and Minister Louis X Farrakhan of Boston Mosque #11 (and who just so happened to be delivering a sermon at Newark Mosque #25 that afternoon – the same NOI mosque to which the assassins were affiliated) that the mission had been accomplished.

John X Ali later caught a flight to Chicago and returned to 4847 South Woodlawn Avenue to personally inform NOI leader Elijah Muhammad that the ‘hypocrite’ was dead. Elijah Muhammad then held a press conference, attended by Ali, and during which he flatly denied any involvement in the assassination of Malcolm X. In a chilling statement that he later gave to the NYPD, Cathcart likened Malcolm X to notorious American turncoat Benedict Arnold and went on to imply that Malcolm, in being murdered, essentially got what he deserved.

On page 294 of Peter Goldman’s 1979 biography The Death & Life of Malcolm X passing reference is made to a member of the NOI’s Newark Mosque #25 who was observed either ‘smiling’ or ‘laughing’ as he gazed upon Malcolm’s bullet-ridden corpse in the immediate aftermath of the assassination:

“Life (magazine) bought up some photos one of the brothers had taken immediately after the shooting stopped. The pictures, when the police got hold of them, identified and placed still more witnesses. One of them showed a known Muslim (Cathcart), the man who had got into the hall wearing an FOI pin and was allowed to stay once he took it off. The camera caught him standing there staring at Malcolm’s body. He looked as if he were laughing…”

John X Ali


The once all-powerful ‘National Secretary’ of the Nation of Islam and principal architect of the Malcolm X assassination, John X Ali, recently surfaced at Louis Farrakhan’s 2015 Saviours Day convention after going into hiding following the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975. In the first publicly-available photographs of this reclusive and notorious figure to emerge in nearly half a century, it would appear that Ali has lost none of his sneering arrogance – nor his capacity to bewitch Farrakhan’s top goons such as Jamil Muhammad who wrapped his arm around this killer and snapped a selfie like a star-struck schoolgirl.

During a June 1964 appearance on Chicago’s WVON Radio show called ‘Hotline’ (hosted by the late Wesley South), Ali publicly declared that the Nation of Islam planned to murder Malcolm X. And like New Jersey assassin William Bradley (aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz), Ali must now be arrested on suspicion of complicity in the 1965 killing.

Alvan X Walcott (aka Alvan Farrakhan)

The Hon. Min. louis farrakhan and his Brother Alvan Farrakhan

This is a rare photo of the (now deceased) brother of current Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and one of the suspects in the 14 February 1965 firebomb attack on the New York home of Malcolm X. Alvan X, who was an ENFORCER for the Fruit of Islam at Harlem’s Mosque #7, also reportedly collaborated with Captain Clarence X Gill of Boston’s Mosque #11 and Captain John X Peters of Springfield’s Mosque #13 in an effort to obtain a pistol silencer from the late Leon X Ameer for use in an assassination attempt on Malcolm X.

The reason this matters is that, as the minister of the aforementioned Mosque #11 (and as the brother of Alvan X), there is simply no way in the world that LOUIS FARRAKHAN was not, at a minimum, aware of these specific efforts to murder Malcolm and, at worst, an active participant in them. This would flatly contradict Farrakhan’s long-standing assertion that the only role he may have played in Malcolm’s assassination was speaking vitriolic words that contributed to the murderous climate. Farrakhan, it would now appear, may have been a direct and active participant in the Malcolm X murder plot.

Malcolm himself referred to the roles of Alvan X and Captains Gill and Peters in efforts to take his life in this 1965 TV interview.

Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali)


Evidence has emerged of the close personal relationship which the late world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali enjoyed with at least one of Malcolm’s would-be assassins, Clarence 2X Gill. Gill, who served as one of Ali’s bodyguards and close confidants, was a Fruit of Islam (FOI) captain at Louis Farrakhan’s Boston Mosque #11 and is suspected of having been part of a ‘back-up’ hit team at the Audubon Ballroom on the occasion of Malcolm’s assassination.

Prior to his 2016 passing, Ali might have been in a position to assist any new investigation into Malcolm’s assassination by testifying as to whether Gill ever engaged in any discussions about the killing of Malcolm X in his presence. Ali may have also been in a position to account for the whereabouts of Gill in the days following Malcolm’s assassination. Long-standing suspicions that members of the NOI’s Miami Mosque led by Abdul Rahman Muhammad (aka Captain Samuel X Saxon, who was a member of Elijah Muhammad’s personal ‘Honor Guard’ and captain of Muhammad’s Mosque #29 under Minister Lucius Beyah Muhammad) may have played a role in the harbouring of Gill might also have been something Ali may have been in a position to address.

As it stands, the horrifying prospect that so revered and beloved a figure as Muhammad Ali may have played an indirect role in the assassination of Malcolm X by providing refuge to a vile thug like Gill in the full knowledge of his complicity in an attempt on Malcolm’s life will forever remain one of the great unanswered questions of this case.

Raymond Sharrieff


On 7th December 1964 the so-called ‘Supreme Captain’ of the Nation of Islam (NOI), Raymond Sharrieff, issued what was, up to that point, the most explicit threat to the life of Malcolm X to have emerged from the leadership of Elijah Muhammad’s organisation when he took to Chicago’s Crusader newspaper to declare:

“We hereby OFFICIALLY warn you that the Nation of Islam shall no longer tolerate your scandalising the name of our leader and teacher the Hon. Elijah Muhammad regardless of where such scandalising has been.” 

Such a threat could not have been made without the explicit sanction and approval of Elijah Muhammad – a man whose apologists stubbornly insist was either unaware or disapproving of any efforts by his own followers to take Malcolm’s life.

The significance of the Sharrieff declaration as an official ‘Green Light’ from the NOI’s leadership to its rank-and-file to proceed with any and all efforts to murder Malcolm cannot be rationalised away as a mere statement of the NOI’s intention to pursue a propaganda campaign against its former star minister since such an effort had been underway from the moment of his departure from the organisation in March of that year – and with its most vicious iteration having appeared only four days earlier in the 3rd December edition of the NOI’s own newspaper, the Muhammad Speaks, which carried Boston Mosque #11 Minister Louis X Farrakhan’s infamous “such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death” screed.

Louis X Walcott (aka Louis Haleem Abdul Farrakhan)


In an horrific (and self-incriminating) 1972 speech, NOI leader Louis Farrakhan celebrates the cold-blooded murder of Malcolm X, glorifies his killers as “fearless men” and ridicules what he refers to as the “cowardice” of the defenceless men, women and children in the Audubon Ballroom who attempted to flee as the assassins bullets ricocheted around the auditorium.

What is peculiar about this sickening diatribe is the ‘first person’ character of Farrakhan’s description of the chaotic manner in which Malcolm’s bodyguards responded to the shooting spree. Farrakhan, who wasn’t present in the Audubon Ballroom on that fateful day, nevertheless provides a vivid account of the mayhem that unfolded during the 21st February 1965 assassination and describes Malcolm’s bodyguards as “damn cowardly dogs” and “damn punks” who were “ducking and running” as bullets flew around the venue.

This strongly suggests to the listener that Farrakhan is relaying a first-hand account shared with him by someone who personally witnessed the killing – and is doing so in the same derisory terms in which that account was itself conveyed to him. One possible source of this account could be the aforementioned Newark Mosque #25 ‘lieutenant’ Linward X Cathcart who witnessed Malcolm’s assassination from a front-row seat in the Ballroom and appears to have later relayed what transpired to Farrakhan in the same disparaging terms in which Farrakhan, in turn, retold it to his audience. Simply put, Louis Farrakhan appears to be describing the assassination of Malcolm X…in Linward X Cathcart’s very own words.

This is compelling circumstantial evidence that Cathcart, contrary to his long-standing denials, was a hostile presence in the Audubon Ballroom that Sunday afternoon and was likely acting in league with the assassins of Malcolm X. It also suggests that Farrakhan and Cathcart may have communicated with one another on the day of Malcolm’s assassination.

An even more disquieting possibility is that Farrakhan may have received a first-hand account of the Malcolm X killing from one (or more) of the escaped assassins themselves: William X Bradley, Leon Davis, Albert Benjamin Thomas or Wilbert McKinney (Talmadge X Hayer was arrested at the crime scene and is unlikely to have relayed what occurred there to Farrakhan). How else could Farrakhan possibly know that Malcolm’s bodyguards were “ducking and running” like “damn cowardly dogs” and “damn punks” (since no description even remotely matching the one contained in Farrakhan’s diatribe was provided by any of the eyewitnesses who were interviewed by the news media or by detectives following the assassination)?

Like Farrakhan’s disgraceful 1993 ‘Saviours Day’ tirade in which he revelled in the NOI’s role in murdering the “traitor” Malcolm X, these sermons clearly demonstrate the depth of Farrakhan’s homicidal animus towards Malcolm and strengthen suspicions that Farrakhan’s personal involvement in the assassination may run far deeper than his previously acknowledged culpability for “creating the atmosphere” that led to Malcolm’s killing.

Elijah Robert Poole (aka Elijah Muhammad)


In this chilling transcript of a conversation that was secretly recorded by the FBI at Elijah Muhammad’s Phoenix residence in January of 1964, the Nation of Islam leader uses a Mafia-like euphemism (“they had better close his eyes”) to convey an explicit order to Captain Joseph X Gravitt of Harlem’s Mosque #7 (seen in this photo to the left of Elijah Muhammad) that Malcolm X should be murdered. As a result of this directive, Gravitt approached an explosives expert in Mosque #7 known as Luqman Abdurr Rahim (aka Anas M Luqman) and instructed him to wire Malcolm’s Oldsmobile to explode upon ignition – an order Luqman refused to carry out.

This FBI transcript offers the clearest evidence yet that, contrary to NOI claims that Elijah Muhammad had instructed his ministers to “leave Malcolm alone”, the order to assassinate Malcolm X appears to have originated with Elijah Muhammad himself – a criminal conspiracy of which the FBI was fully aware and to which they were active accessories by virtue of their failure to disrupt the plot and arrest its participants.

James Earle Breslin (aka Jimmy Breslin)


There is ample reason to suspect that the white journalist Jimmy Breslin, in response to whose March 2017 passing many in his profession tripped over themselves to eulogize, may have been complicit in the assassination of Malcolm X. 

For as was to later emerge in 2005, Mr Breslin who on the morning of the 21st of February 1965 was heading off to attend yet another one of the many galas at which his fellow white journalists routinely congratulated themselves, reportedly received a tip-off from a source within the NYPD urging him to cancel those plans and instead head down to Harlem’s Audubon Ballroom and, upon arrival at the venue, to make sure to sit “well back” from the stage area where, shortly thereafter, Malcolm X was scheduled to appear to address his supporters.

The rest is now history and it is a period about which the notoriously loquacious Mr Breslin, with the solitary exception of a news story that featured in the following morning’s issue of the New York Herald Tribune reporting Malcolm’s shocking assassination (and a story Mr Breslin later rewrote for the paper’s afternoon edition after a scolding he received from the NYPD), was to maintain a deafening silence for the remainder of his life. 

It is now widely suspected that Mr Breslin, like many white ‘journalists’ of that era, was a party to the media operations of the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) – and to which many an unscrupulous white reporter volunteered their services – in assisting Director J. Edgar Hoover’s efforts to ‘neutralize’ African-American leaders like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X for the simple crime of having the temerity to challenge their country to finally live up to the ideals it professed. 

Malcolm X (aka El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz)


In this riveting video Malcolm X provides compelling testimony from ‘beyond the grave’ of the Nation of Islam’s role in his own assassination. The slain martyr describes the true reasons behind his departure from the NOI and the numerous attempts that were made on his life by his former colleagues in the sect. Malcolm refutes one of the key falsehoods peddled to this day by Louis Farrakhan and other NOI officials to the effect that he ‘defected from’, ‘broke with’ or otherwise left the NOI movement of his own volition.

In reality, Malcolm was expelled from the NOI along with Wallace Muhammad (the son of NOI leader Elijah Muhammad) for fear that if either man were granted an opportunity to defend themselves before the NOI’s membership body (against false charges that were being spread about them by the NOI’s Chicago leadership) that the adulteries of Elijah Muhammad would surface during the NOI’s internal judicial proceedings. Malcolm also describes the 14th February 1965 firebombing of his New York home – an act reportedly carried out by Alvan X Walcott (the half-brother of Louis Farrakhan), Harlem Mosque #7 captain Joseph X Gravitt, Boston Mosque #11 captain Clarence 2X Gill and Springfield Mosque #13 captain John X Peters.

Malcolm’s riveting posthumous testimony could enable him to serve as the ‘star witness for the prosecution’ in his own assassination trial and to indict his killers ‘from the graveyard’ and could play a central role in any grand jury proceedings against the surviving participants in his 21st February 1965 assassination.


Under current US law there is a 50-year moratorium before federal records can be released by the American National Archives and Records Administration – a time period that has since elapsed. We believe that the publication of all federal files relating to this 1965 crime will necessitate a re-opening of the investigation into this atrocity.

To that end, we have established a Petition to President Donald Trump that calls on his administration to declassify and publish all FBI, CIA and NYPD-BOSSI files relating to the assassination of Malcolm X. The Malcolm X campaign has also been featured in two leading US newspapers – the Boston Globe and the Baltimore Times.  

We would be grateful if you would SIGN and SHARE these petitions with your friends and families and help us to finally bring the evil murderers of Malcolm X to justice.

Thank you.

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    • If u are white it is understandable you are satin the slavemasters seed.if you are black you are a boot licking uncle tom moses disrespect an Honorable man like Louis Farrakhan.hypocrites and devils and uncle toms kill the advance ment of black peoples hope in a evil society like your evil and envy and jealousy you have done worst then what you lie on those brothers.every time you put that b.s in you killed malcolm x 100 times a man that is dont attack the racist white government you serve.opressing black people.and you are a government agent.ALLAH UAKBAR.QURAN is the guide book theMAHDI Will exacute the wrong


    Hon. Elijah Muhammad fulfills prophetic role, says Minister Farrakhan
    By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Mar 12, 2012 – 7:38:27 PM
    A redeemer


    [“Elijah Muhammad is now in an exalted state of power at the right hand of God, he said.
    “This man from your ranks—from Georgia—I like that! That a man from Georgia who witnessed the worst type of oppression is given the power now to deal with wind, rain, snow, hail and earthquakes. I’m talking about a Black man from us who has been made into a God!” said Min. Farrakhan”.]



    CHICAGO ( – Maintaining an incredibly grueling schedule, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke for the third time in seven days, delivering Part 2 of his Saviours’ Day message to a standing room only crowd at the Nation of Islam’s headquarters Mosque Maryam March 4.
    After delivering an intense message a week earlier to thousands at the United Center, three days after a message in Grand Rapids, Mich., and coming off a five-day liquid fast, a beaming Minister Farrakhan stood before the crowd to deliver divine guidance.

    “I said so much last week that I wondered what would God guide me to say today?” said Minister Farrakhan to the crowd in the mosque sanctuary, next door at the Muhammad University of Islam gymnasium, and those watching via the internet worldwide. Ultimately, he decided to begin by sharing a word about the identity of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

    “You cannot imagine the unspeakable joy that Black people in America have had a visitation from God,” said Min. Farrakhan. “You may not think that you are worthy of such, because as a people we have been destroyed, but God saw our affliction, and he heard our cries and He came Himself to deal with it, and from our ranks, He raised a beautiful human being from Georgia, and taught him for three years and four months, and that man whom he taught, is now, the grand master teacher of us all.”

    The Minister said it might sound strange to some, however, Muslims think and speak very highly of Jesus and all of the prophets of God, because Muslims believe in Jesus and all of the prophets. In fact, these divine servants were Muslims, because a Muslim is one who submits his or her will to do the will of God.

    “Jesus according to the Bible is the most magnificent of human beings because Jesus reconnects all humanity back to God. He’s the reconciler, he’s the redeemer, he’s the savior,” said Min. Farrakhan.

    Jesus of 2,000 years ago and Prophet Muhammad of 1,400 years ago were in the prophetic mode, meaning they spoke and did their work in the absence of God, he explained. The Holy Qur’an is clear that Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the prophets. But both spoke of divinely guided ones coming after them and Jesus and Muhammad foreshadowed events to come, Min. Farrakhan continued.

    “You have an historical Jesus, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us 75 percent of what you read about Jesus and what he would do is a future man. It never was fulfilled 2,000 years ago,” said Min. Farrakhan, addressing scholars of Christianity.

    “If Satan had two more thousand years to do his devilishment, the Jesus that comes on the scene at the end times, is the one to absolutely destroy the works of Satan. Jesus 2,000 years ago would be too soon, so he talked about one coming after him.”

    Then turning to scholars of Islam and holding up a copy of the Holy Qur’an, the Minister took the audience further into the theological discussion.

    “Why would God give Muhammad a revelation about all of the prophets—many of them—that preceded him and how God dealt with them? The weather, the wind, the rain, the drought, the earthquakes that God used to destroy the wicked in the past—not one of those was fulfilled during the time of Prophet Muhammad,” explained the Minister.

    “When Prophet Muhammad was teaching the Arabs, none of those kinds of plagues happened, so why would God give him a book telling him about all of the plagues that were used against the wicked in the past and it not happen in his time? It is because he foreshadowed the Muhammad that would be on the scene when all of these calamities would come to pass.”

    The people are now being struck by plagues and judgments because they have ignored God’s anointed messenger. This is prophesied, said the Minister. God is trying to get the attention of the governing powers and world rulers by seizing the people with “distress and affliction that they may humble themselves,” he said.

    The ruling powers are corrupt, referred to in scripture under such names as “dragon, beast and snake” never upright, and now, America is being judged.
    Min. Farrakhan said his controversy with some members of the Jewish community also fulfills prophecy.
    During his Feb. 26 Saviours’ Day keynote address, he warned those who heard him to continue to watch the weather, saying this year would be worse than a record for some disasters last year. Within days, a deadly spawn of tornadoes blasted sections of the United States. According to the Weather Channel, the preliminary tornado count for March 2 was 74 and once more storm surveys and estimates were completed, the number was likely to rise. The average number of U.S. tornadoes in March is 87. At Final Call presstime, 38 people reportedly died in the storms.
    These are all signs indicating that the end of this world has arrived.

    Those who study the Holy Qur’an are reading the words of God talking to Prophet Muhammad telling him what to say, and what to do, said the Minister. In reading the Gospels, Jesus is speaking in parables, and is also telling the people what God said, and what God said to do, he noted.

    “The Muhammad of the Holy Qur’an is the Jesus of the Bible!” the Minister stated emphatically.

    “The Qur’an is the book of Jesus, as well as the book of Muhammad.”

    The identity of the Messiah

    Minister Farrakhan described the characteristics of Jesus the Messiah, who is not a prophet but represents the end of prophets and the presence of God. You can recognize the Messiah by looking at his actions, said the Minister.

    “He opens the eyes of the blind, he makes the deaf hear, he makes the dumb speak, and he raises the dead to life, by God’s permission. Well, he’s not God himself, but by God’s permission, he does these things that only God can do, so when Jesus is working, God is working in and through him,” he said.
    It is written in the scriptures that even though Jesus was a Jew, the Jews of that time did not like him. He was not their kind, said Min. Farrakhan. Jesus of 2,000 years ago was controversial, he appeared during the Roman empire, and challenged the elite ruling powers, saying the kingdom of God was coming, their rule was coming to end and they would be replaced. This is exactly what Minister Farrakhan is doing today to the government of America and powerful people.

    “They rule in wickedness not in righteousness,” said Min. Farrakhan.

    Black people are the Aboriginal people of the Earth, the father and mother of all humanity. When Black people read of Adam in the book of Genesis, this is referring to White people, Min. Farrakhan said. Black people are the “pre-Adamites.”

    “Adam is the new man that was given power and authority to rule, but the rule was limited to 6,000 years, so you can’t blame Caucasian people when they have this feeling that ‘I’m the boss’ whenever you are in their company,” said the Minister. “That’s why the Bible says God gave him dominion, power, and authority over the fowl of the air, the fish of the see and every creeping thing that crawls, and White people have exercised that dominion, that authority while you slept.”

    The presence of truth in the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad through the voice of Minister Farrakhan is now waking up the true rulers so they can take their rightful place. The majestic pyramids and the sphinx are signs of a great past and future, said Min. Farrakhan. Black people are the symbolic carcass, the remains of a once great people, he added.

    “Anybody can rule somebody that’s sleep, the question is, can you rule us when we are wide awake?” asked the Minister. “You (Black people) are the father of it all but you’ve been asleep to who you are!”
    Ever since the fall of the Original people, man has always desired to come back to their original position with God, he explained. The scriptures prophesy of a Son of Man born of and rising out of the people to deliver them from their suffering, and facilitate their rise, Min. Farrakhan said.

    “When they cry out to rise, out of the womb of the Black nation, a son would be born to change their reality, that’s why Isaiah the prophet says for unto us a child is born, a son is given and a government shall be upon his shoulders and he shall be called wonderful, counselor, the mighty God, the prince of peace, the everlasting father and of the increase of his government of peace there shall be no end. Well who is that talking about? Jesus did not have a government on his shoulders; he came talking about a government!”

    The Minister also pointed out that only Black people in America fulfill Genesis 15:13 which reads, “God said to Abram, ‘Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.’”

    “What we have suffered goes beyond what any human being has been asked to suffer, so God is duty bound to deliver us like He delivered those before us. That is His pattern and His pattern does not change,” said Minister Farrakhan.

    When looking at the students of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, a man who never made it to the fourth grade, there is a pattern of great men who impacted the world, observed Min. Farrakhan. Malcolm X only went to the eighth grade and confounded scientists with what he learned. Cassius Clay, now known as Muhammad Ali, was a high school graduate and the late Imam W.D. Mohammed never went to college. Minister Farrakhan only finished three years of college. This is a testament to the wisdom delivered from Master Fard Muhammad to and through the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

    “Elijah Muhammad, he is more than a messenger,” he said.

    Elijah Muhammad lives

    The Minister discussed his struggle after hearing along with the rest of the Nation of Islam that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad died in 1975.

    “In 1975 Elijah Muhammad departed from us. By 1977 I decided to rebuild the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” said the Minister. “So I meet my brother, Jabril, and we were in Hollywood … he and I walked for about three hours.”

    The Minister was referring to his longtime brother and companion, Nation of Islam theologian and religious scholar Jabril Muhammad. When the two arrived back to the hotel, following their walk and talk, Jabril Muhammad gave him a book he had written. The Minister took the book back to his hotel room and began to read it.

    The Minister said Brother Jabril came to check on him after one day, saw the Minister was still reading it, and he left him alone to continue to deal with the text.

    “But on the third day,” Min. Farrakhan continued. “After three days, he (Jabril Muhammad) came back in that room and I said to him, ‘Brother, your eye operation has been successful, the scales have been removed from my eyes.’ ”

    Min. Farrakhan added, “I went to work that very night teaching. It was as though I had not lost a step.”
    During one of their discussions, Minister Farrakhan said Jabril Muhammad, referring to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad said, “you know brother, he’s not dead.”

    “In my mind I said, ‘Poor brother, he loves the Honorable Elijah Muhammad so much he can’t even bear the thought that his leader is dead.’ So I looked at him and said, ‘Well brother, he’s not here, so the job is on us to do.’ ”

    The Minister continued to work, but later in 1980, he came to the realization that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was in fact physically alive.

    “I haven’t been the same since,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Because everything that Elijah Muhammad said to me made sense. It would not make sense if he were dead, it could only make since if he’s alive and all the things he told me about myself and my future didn’t make sense if he was dead. But when I came to see that he was alive, Saviours’ Day 1981, I mentioned it.”

    He recalled how his son Joshua was on post at the hospital, and was the one to inform him that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad had passed, but many of the words spoken to him by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad about death plots and his future, became clearer as time went on.

    “He (Joshua) said he saw this huge cloud come over the hospital. Black. Real dark. Now, I don’t know how he (Elijah Muhammad) got out, but I’m about to find out. Before he left he said to me, ‘Brother, if Allah can’t save me, that’s a sign that he can’t save you.’ ”

    Elijah Muhammad is now in an exalted state of power at the right hand of God, he said.
    “This man from your ranks—from Georgia—I like that! That a man from Georgia who witnessed the worst type of oppression is given the power now to deal with wind, rain, snow, hail and earthquakes. I’m talking about a Black man from us who has been made into a God!” said Min. Farrakhan.


    November 3, 1987
    19 Children of Muslim Leader Battle a Bank for $5.7 Million
    Special to the New York Times
    CHICAGO, Nov. 2— Nineteen children of Elijah Muhammad, the late Black Muslim leader, have squared off against the world’s largest bank in a legal dispute with a $5.7 million bank account at stake.
    The battle, in which the bank, Dai Ichi Kangyo of Japan, is allied with Mr. Muhammad’s two other children, is yet another chapter in a larger and extremely bitter fight over his multimillion-dollar estate that has divided his family ever since he died without a will in 1975.

    On one side of the split family are Herbert Muhammad and his brother Wallace, who inherited from their father the leadership of the Nation of Islam, now known as the Muslim Community of America. In a series of legal skirmishes dating from the late 1970’s, 19 legitimate and illegitimate children of Elijah Muhammad have contended that Herbert and Wallace kept property that should have gone to all the heirs from being listed in the inventory of the estate.

    The Brothers’ Position

    The two brothers have responded by contending that their father kept his personal property separate from that of the Nation of Islam. But the rival side of the family has won a number of judgments against them, and last March the Muslim Community of America filed for reorganization in Federal Bankruptcy Court here, hoping to save several pieces of the organization’s property, including its South Side mosque, from creditors – primarily the 19 Muhammad children.

    Among the judgments that have favored the 19 was one issued by the probate division of Cook County Circuit Court, which ordered that the $5.7 million bank account – $3.3 million in principal at the time of Elijah Muhammad’s death, $2.4 million in interest since then – be turned over to the children.
    The Muslim Community of America wants that judgment to be reversed by the court’s appellate division, where an appeal was recently filed by Dai Ichi Kangyo. The bank had already turned the account over to the Muslim Community when the judgment was issued to the heirs, and it has hired one of Chicago’s largest law firms, Jenner & Block, to argue that the account, which was built by donations from largely low-income Black Muslims, properly belongs to the religious community. State Supports Bank
    The office of the Illinois Attorney General, Neil Hartigan, which represents the interest of state charities, has filed a third-party petition supporting the bank’s position.

    The hearing on the case is not expected until early next year.

    Representing the family is Rufus Cook, a Chicago lawyer who has spent the better part of a decade suing the Muslim Community on behalf of the 19 children. In a separate suit, Mr. Cook has already won a $13 million judgment against the organization for selling off real estate holdings that, a court determined, belonged to the family.

    ”They simply have never taken into consideration the interests of the illegitimate children,” Mr. Cook said of Herbert and Wallace Muhammad.

    Of the larger struggle, Herbert Muhammad, perhaps best known as a manager of the former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, said:

    ”It is a long-term fight, where none of us will win. It’s all being eaten up by legal fees.”


    “They’re afraid that I will tell the real reason that they’ve been — that I’m out of the Black Muslim movement, which I never told, I kept to myself.

    But the real reason is that Elijah Muhammad, the head of the movement, is the father of eight children by six different teenaged girls, six different teenaged girls who were his private personal secretaries. Four of them had one child apiece by him, two of them had two children and one of those two is pregnant right now in Los Angeles with his third child.

    The one who first made me aware of this was Wallace Muhammad, Mr. Muhammad’s son and it was their fear that if I remained in the Black Muslim movement, and this came into the knowledge of their followers that they would leave him and follow me. So a plan was immediately set in motion to take me down, put me out and the statement that I allegedly made…or not that I allegedly made, I did make it… the statement that I made about Kennedy was used as a pretext to take me down, but in reality, it was because I had come to New York and told Joseph, the captain in New York and the secretary and the minister in Boston about these children that Mr. Muhammad had and it was that, that right there was the real reason for my being out of the movement.”


    19 Children of Muslim Leader Battle a Bank for $5.7 Million
    Special to the New York Times
    Published: November 3, 1987

    CHICAGO, Nov. 2— Nineteen children of Elijah Muhammad, the late Black Muslim leader, have squared off against the world’s largest bank in a legal dispute with a $5.7 million bank account at stake.
    The battle, in which the bank, Dai Ichi Kangyo of Japan, is allied with Mr. Muhammad’s two other children, is yet another chapter in a larger and extremely bitter fight over his multimillion-dollar estate that has divided his family ever since he died without a will in 1975.

    On one side of the split family are Herbert Muhammad and his brother Wallace, who inherited from their father the leadership of the Nation of Islam, and now known as the Muslim Community of America. In a series of legal skirmishes dating from the late 1970’s, 19 legitimate and illegitimate children of Elijah Muhammad have contended that Herbert and Wallace kept property that should have gone to all the heirs from being listed in the inventory of the estate. The Brothers’ Position.

    The two brothers have responded by contending that their father kept his personal property separate from that of the Nation of Islam. But the rival side of the family has won a number of judgments against them, and last March the Muslim Community of America filed for reorganization in Federal Bankruptcy Court here, hoping to save several pieces of the organization’s property, including its South Side mosque, from creditors – primarily the 19 Muhammad children.

    Among the judgments that have favored the 19 was one issued by the probate division of Cook County Circuit Court, which ordered that the $5.7 million bank account – $3.3 million in principal at the time of Elijah Muhammad’s death, $2.4 million in interest since then – be turned over to the children.
    The Muslim Community of America wants that judgment to be reversed by the court’s appellate division, where an appeal was recently filed by Dai Ichi Kangyo. The bank had already turned the account over to the Muslim Community when the judgment was issued to the heirs, and it has hired one of Chicago’s largest law firms, Jenner & Block, to argue that the account, which was built by donations from largely low-income Black Muslims, properly belongs to the religious community. State Supports Bank
    The office of the Illinois Attorney General, Neil Hartigan, which represents the interest of state charities, has filed a third-party petition supporting the bank’s position.

    The hearing on the case is not expected until early next year.
    Representing the family is Rufus Cook, a Chicago lawyer who has spent the better part of a decade suing the Muslim Community on behalf of the 19 children. In a separate suit, Mr. Cook has already won a $13 million judgment against the organization for selling off real estate holdings that, a court determined, belonged to the family.

    ”They simply have never taken into consideration the interests of the illegitimate children,” Mr. Cook said of Herbert and Wallace Muhammad.

    Of the larger struggle, Herbert Muhammad, perhaps best known as a manager of the former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, said: ”It is a long-term fight, where none of us will win. It’s all being eaten up by legal fees.”

    Does The Nation of Islam still believe that Master Fard is Allah in flesh?
    Do they also still believe that Elijah Muhammad was his final messenger?

    For your information:

    –NOI teaches that “Allah (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July 1930; the long-awaited Messiah of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims.”

    -Traditional Sunni and Shi’a Muslim doctrine is that it is heretical and blasphemous to believe that God would manifest Himself in human form (or any material form). Likening any individual(s) to God is a form of shirk—a major sin in Islam.

    –NOI teaches that the Black man is the original man, and from him came all brown, yellow, and white people. By using a special method of birth control law (the Yakub teaching), the Blackman was able to produce the white race. NOI does not believe that whites are worthy to be evangelized, and thus does not accept them into the NOI.

    –Traditional Islam teaches that all races are equal, and any person of any race can convert to Islam. Islam recognizes the Biblical and Qur’anic figure, the patriarch Jacob, but this Jacob is viewed by Muslims as a prophet, not the Yakub featured in Nation of Islam theology.

    –The vast majority of Muslims, worldwide, believe that the Quran is Allah’s final revelation to mankind and that it was given to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad between the years of 610 and 632.

    –The NOI states that they believe in the Qur’an and the writings of all the prophets of God. In addition the NOI believes there are truths in the Bible but it is tampered material and “must be reinterpreted so that mankind will not be snared by the falsehoods that have been added to it.”

    –Islam teaches that Muhammad was the last of the messengers that Allah has sent to mankind — there would be no more and all Muslims are to follow the teachings of the Quran and accept monotheism

    –The Nation of Islam believes that Elijah Muhammad was a messenger and was taught by God Himself, who the NOI claim as “Master” Fard Muhammad(W. D. Fard).

    -Islam dedicates Friday as the congregational prayer (salat) that Muslims hold every Friday, just after noon in lieu of dhuhr (noon prayer).
    -The Nation of Islam ignores Jumuah, as a pillar of practice for Muslims. This was changed briefly in 2002, when W. Deen Mohammed, a Muslim in opposition of black separatism, delivered the Friday sermon at the Los Angeles Convention Center.[33] The practice of Jumuah prayer for the NOI has since stopped in place of a traditional “Christian” Sunday service.

    Short comparison:

    Islam: Allah is one, who has no partners
    NOI: Wallace D. Fard came as God incarnate (God is man)

    Islam: The final prophet of Islam, no one comes after him
    NOI:Elijah Muhammad is the prophet to tell about incarnation of Fard.

    Islam: All are equal regardless of color of skin, judged on behavior.
    NOI: The Black race is superior than others, whites are devils

    Islam: Allah created the universe, first humans were Adam and Eve
    NOI: Black scientists created the plan which repeats every 25,000 years

    Islam: Revealed to Muhammad from God through the Angel Gabriel
    NOI: Black scientists created and revealed the Bible and the Qur’an

    Sharia law:
    Islam: Sacred rules and laws of Islamic life, based on Qur’an and Sunnah
    NOI: Not followed, own-created such as 4-6pm meal or avoid white flour cake meals

    All Praises are due to Allah, who appeared in the Person of
    Master W.D. Fard Muhammad

    Born February 26, 1877


    February 26, 1936

    Written and sent to #1 Michigan by the
    Honorable Elijah Muhammad,
    Servant of Allah

    This day February 26, 1877, Fifty nine years ago, in Heaven the Holy City Mecca, a Savior was born.
    From the bearers of Heaven’s throne, a voice raised high, and mighty Master W.D. Fard Muhammad has been born the mighty King.
    Born…to save me, and my people who were lost, Blind, Deaf, and Dumb. Dead to the knowledge of everything.
    Born…Hath he, to intercede, for me, and my people in this Judgement Day.
    Born…to give life to me and my people, that we might live.
    Born…to give Freedom to me, and my people, who were slaves to devils in this wicked Hell of North America.
    Born…to give Justice, to we lost founds, who never knew what it was before.
    Born…to give Equality with the Angels of Paradise.
    Born…to save the fallen sons of the Tribe of Shabazz from the wicked grasp of Yakub’s made devil and Satan.
    Born…to destroy with unquenchless fire, the enemy of we Lost People that the work of Yakub’s made devil will never revive.
    Born…to unite the Lost Sheep who went astray in 1555 with the 4,400,000,000 of his Nation.
    Born…to restore all Black Mankind into one Love together.
    Born…The Lord of the Worlds!
    Born…to destroy the old world; and bring in the new world.
    Born…the Wisest of all, the most Merciful, the most Loving, the Almighty, the knower of what is in man’s heart, the Doer of what he pleases…There is no God but Him, in the Earth, not in the heavens above the Earth. I shall forever remember this day, the 26th of February, 1877, and my off spring too. To keep a fast of joy with all my poor lost found Nation, whom this, Our Savior the King was born; I shall not eat any food this day until the sun goes down. This I will do, that my heart, and my body be not hindered, from giving praise to my King that was born this day, whose light of Love, Freedom, Justice, and Equality, is greater to me than the Sun, Moon, and Stars.
    Now come all you lost-founds, and praise the name of our Savior and King, who was born, and we have reclaimed our own.
    He gave to us his Holy Name and calls everyone of us by own. All praise be to Our Savior, the Almighty ALLAH. The Strong, the Giver of Life. Praise him, you who have reclaimed your own, and know him as your Savior and King. Forever and ever, let the Universe Praise Him.

    (Savior’s Day Greeting, 1936, from the web-site

    This profession of faith is fundamental to ‘Nation of Islam’ identity; those who drop it, may remain Black Muslims but cease to belong to this group: “He soon convinced himself about Fard’s divinity. ‘The greatest and mightiest God who appeared on the earth was Master W. D. Fard,’ Malcolm would eventually profess.” (Manning Marable, Malcolm X, p. 88).
    “He said, finally, as though it had just happened to come into his mind, ‘Malcolm, if a man knew every imaginable thing that there is to know, who would he be?’
    “Back in Harlem, he had often liked to get at something through this kind of indirection. It had often irritated me, because my way had always been direct. I looked at him. ‘Well, he would have to be some kind of a god—’
    “Reginald said, ‘There’s a man who knows everything.’
    “I asked, ‘Who is that?’
    “‘God is a man,’ Reginald said. ‘His real name is Allah.'” (The Autobiography of Malcolm X, by Alex Haley, p. 158).
    Can it be that, to people accustomed to Christianity, straight-up Islam just seems flat, disappointing? An incarnate Savior is a deviation from standard-brand Islam. Yet the recurrence of this idea, in Islamic off-shoots like the Druse and Ahmadiyya sects, testifies that it corrects a deficiency in Islam, restoring the latter to its claimed status as the original faith. Jesus is “the desire of all nations” (Haggai 2:7). Those deprived of hearing the good news that He has come will sometimes allow their very desire to tell them he has come. . .only it’s somebody else. Unfortunately Wallace D. Fard, scurrying away from J. Edgar Hoover, is a Savior who cannot save. It is not so much the wrong concept, but the wrong guy.


    A theory of secular science that goes in and out of fashion proposes that our present-day moon is the remnant of a body of material ejected from the earth. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad added a new twist to this story, reporting for the first time that it was human endeavor, through the means of dynamite drill bombs, which resulted in the transport of the moon to its present location.
    Alas, the moon being deficient in oxygen, water, and other necessities of life, the survivors of the righteous Tribe of Shabazz who found themselves there relocated, pined away:
    “And we also have a knowledge of the deportation of our planet and the moon which took place sixty-six trillion years ago by one of our own scientists…He’d taken high explosives drilled a tube into our moon, which it was called moon, and a lot of our ancient people today refer to the earth as moon, it is moon. And filled that tube full of high explosives, set it off and it split our planet in two.
    “That part that you see up there tonight, that we call moon, it was blasted away from the original bed or pocket that we were in some 12,000 miles and it turned over, dropped all the water of that part on this part. That’s why this part, today, it’s surface is 3/4 covered under water because we have that water that once was on the moon…
    “Now, a Black Scientist did that sixty-six trillion years ago. He was smart enough to try to destroy us by drilling a tube into our earth’s, as we call it today, surface about 4,000 miles. He split the planet and this part dropped 36,000 miles from the original pocket and found a pocket and it started rotating. And we are the lucky people who were on this part that we didn’t get destroyed with those who were once on the moon. The moon is part of our earth. The astronomers, today, they have learned that and they believe it.”

    (‘Messenger Elijah Muhammad Speaks in Baltimore in 1960,’ transcription of an audio cassette, at


    According to the Bible, all mankind are of one race, one descent:

    “God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; and hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;…” (Acts 17:24-26).

    The Koran shares this universal emphasis. Mohammed ibn Abdallah’s message is addressed to “all men,” whatever their color:

    “And among his signs are the creation of the Heavens and of the Earth, and your variety of tongues and color. Herein truly are signs for all men.” (Koran, Sura 30: 21).

    Mohammed ibn Abdallah also reiterates than mankind are of common descent:
    “O men! fear your Lord, who hath created you of one man, and of him created his wife, and from these twain hath spread abroad so many men and women.” And fear ye God, in whose name ye ask mutual favors,- and reverence the wombs that bore you.” (Koran, Sura 4:1).

    “And it is He who hath produced you from one man, and hath provided for you an abode and resting-place! Clear have we made our signs for men of insight.” (Koran, Sura 6:98).

    “He it is who hath created you from a single person, and from him brought forth his wife that he might dwell with her…” (Sura 7:189).

    “He created you all of one man, from whom He afterwards formed his wife; and of cattle He hath sent down to you four pairs.” (Koran, Sura 39:8).

    As his biographer Ibn Ishaq tells it, when Mohammed entered Mecca, he scolded the tribe of the Quraysh for their boastful arrogance on account of their noble ancestry: “Every claim of privilege or blood or property are abolished by me except the custody of the temple and the watering of the pilgrims. . .O Quraysh, God has taken from you the haughtiness of paganism and its veneration of ancestors. Man springs from Adam and Adam sprang from dust.'” (The Life of Muhammad, A Translation of Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah, A. Guillaume, p. 553).

    According to the Koran, Jews and Christians are men God created:

    “Say the Jews and Christians, ‘Sons are we of God and his beloved.’…Nay! ye are but a part of the men whom he hath created!” (Koran, Sura 5:19).

    Though startlingly novel on its face, Yacub’s History is the inversion of a tale not altogether unfamiliar to those versed in racist lore. In spite of purposeful Bible teaching that all mankind are of one descent, some white Georgians who met up with young Elijah Poole, a preacher’s son, held to a different teaching: that the creation narrative in Genesis described an event which took place 6,000 years ago, namely the creation of the white race. The black race, they believed, was either a pre-existing unmentioned animal creation or the consequence of some subsequent process of pollution involving ‘serpent-seed’ or the like. It would appear that young Elijah’s fact-checking skills were insufficient to overcome this predominant social consensus, and he adopted it wholesale into his account of the world:

    “According to the Bible (Genesis. 3:20-24), Adam and his wife were the first parents of all people (white race only) and the first sinners.”

    (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, ‘The White Race’s False Claim To Be Divine, Chosen People,’

    The difference between the creation story as told by white Georgians and Elijah’s version is a difference of perspective: it seemed to young Elijah that the creation of the white race was not a good thing but a bad thing. Borrowing a page from Gnosticism, his religion ascribes the creation of a significant feature of the world, namely the white race, not to the high god, but to a fallen, inept and ill-motivated lesser deity, a god-scientist named Yacub. He was dissatisfied in mind:

    “About sixty-six hundred years ago, when seventy per cent of the people were satisfied, and thirty per cent were dissatisfied, among the dissatisfied was born a ‘Mr. Yacub.’ He was born to create trouble, to break the peace, and to kill.” (The Autobiography of Malcolm X, as told to Alex Haley, pp. 164-165) This party designed the white race according to a program of genetic engineering called ‘grafting:’

    “It was a black man by the name of Yakub, 6,600 years ago who grafted the white race out of us…what you have in the Bible there, dated back to 6, 000 years ago, means this: that it had taken their father, Yakub, 600 years to make a race out of another race. He was grafting out of darkness, or out of the Blackman for 600 years, to bring out a complete white man altogether different by nature than that in which he was taken from. These are facts that I defy your colleges or university professors to dispute. There are so many of you whispering, going around saying, ‘This old story, we all are from God; we are all brothers; we all are alike.’ I say to you my people, stop telling other than the truth, you are not like white people.”

    (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, ‘Christianity vs. Islam,’ 1962,

    Though white folk did not come out well, rule was given to them for 6,000 years, a period which came to an end in 1914. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s prophecies presented a bleak prospect for the future; an apocalyptic race war, to result in the extermination of this undesirable population, as Malcolm Shabazz explained it: “‘In the next war, the War of Armageddon,’ he predicted, ‘it will be a race war and will not be a “spooky war.”

    ‘” (Manning Marable, Malcolm X, p. 190).

    A novel feature in this system is the extremely long time period allotted to the history of the black race, stated in the trillions of years. Inasmuch as no birth record survives, perhaps the correct count is “forever.” Where does this idea come from? Like the story about the moon, it may be an exaggerated version of information found in the newspapers, reporting on the ‘Out of Africa’ strain of secular science. However to count ‘trillions,’ the newspaper-reader must turn to the story about the national debt, not the age of the race or the planet:

    “Long before there ever was a Caucasian, or white race, on the face of the earth, you and I and our fathers were. Not, just thousand of years, not just hundreds of thousands of years, not just millions of years, not just billions of years. But TRILLIONS of years ago, according to the word of All Mighty God Allah, to me, that we and our fathers were here. There is no birth record, meaning their is no beginning record, of The Black People. They have been here forever and forever they have. We don’t know nothing about their beginning. There is no prophesy of any ending to them. This is known. The world knows it.”

    (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, ‘Master Fard Muhammad Not a Silk Peddler,’


    At times the Honorable Elijah Muhammad seems willing to follow where his gnostic paradigm leads, even if away from monotheism:


    “Who was ALLAH Before MASTER W.D. FARD MUHAMMAD was born?

    Who was ALLAH when Jesus was born?

    “Now there are twelve (12) Imams or Scientists, who have been ruling all the time, and one of the twelve is always greater than the other eleven (11), but the God of this world before the birth of Jesus and up until 1877 was Yacub. That means that the God of this world, Yacub, although he lived only 152 years, has ruled for the last six thousand (6,000) years; therefore, he was in power when Jesus was born, and that is why Jesus wasn’t able to set up His Kingdom, because the wicked God’s time was not up. A people who have been taught that the SUPREME BEING is other than a Being, something spooky-like, it is not so easy for them to see out of that dark and ignorant teaching into reality.”

    (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, ‘Concerning Allah, the Supreme Being… W.D. Fard Muhammad is Allah,’

    At other times he seems to want to conform to the monotheistic theology he heard from his Baptist minister father’s pulpit. The Koran, which Elijah Muhammad urged his followers to study, is equally unaware of any succession of gods. Even the more enlightened pagans, such as the Greeks and Romans, did not believe in gods with finite life-spans. The Greek and Roman gods were immortal, though venturesome ethnographers hear tales of the twilight of the gods. The gods under present scrutiny have not even that much to boast of:

    “Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, taught me that there are not any gods Who live forever. Their wisdom and work may live six thousand or twenty-five thousand years, but the actual individual may have died within a hundred or two hundred years, or the longest that we have a record of, around a thousand years.” (Elijah Muhammad, ‘Our Saviour Has Arrived,’ 1974, p. 96).

    There is a cycle, a succession, of gods in Nation of Islam theology. But a succession implies a plurality:
    “He makes all things new. Allah (GOD) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, taught me that every twenty-five thousand (25,000) years, each God coming after the other God made a new civilization. His belief, teaching, and theology were different from the other God who preceded Him who made a beautiful change in the history of the wisdom of man.” (Elijah Muhammad, ‘Our Saviour Has Arrived,’ 1974, p. 119)

    “The Wisdom of each God, according to what Allah (God), in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, taught me, has a cycle of twenty-five thousand years. Once every twenty-five thousand years, another God would be given a chance to show forth His wisdom to the people.”

    (Elijah Muhammad, ‘Our Saviour Has Arrived,’ 1974, p. 98).

    Here the suggestion is made that Wallace D. Fard is the highest ranking god, the god of gods: “The black people, God’s children, were Gods themselves, Master Fard taught. And he taught that among them was one, also a human being like the others, who was the God of Gods: The Most, Most High, The Supreme Being, supreme in wisdom and power— and His proper name was Allah.” (Autobiography of Malcolm X, as told to Alex Haley, p. 207). This makes the Nation’s denial of an afterlife all the odder; can a race of Gods die? But this strange theology fails to line up with the Bible, which teaches that God always has been God. He does not change. There is no succession to this office, and there is only One office-holder:

    “Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God.” (Psalm 90:2).

    “For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.” (Malachi 3:6).

    Of late, God has been getting smaller. The infinite Creator has in these latter days finally been brought down nearer to our scale. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

    In his book ‘God of the Possible,’ Gregory Boyd solemnly warns the reader,

    “In other words, we cannot simply decide to believe one passage and ignore the other.” (Gregory Boyd, ‘God of the Possible,’ p. 72).

    Indeed, this is the founding instant of every cult, when one pile of scriptures is set aside on grounds of a newly discovered contradiction between one set of verses and another. As the reader shall see, this is exactly what is going on here. Beginning with the misconception that God’s foreknowledge is coercive, Gregory Boyd cancels out those Bible verses which testify to God’s omniscience and transcendence of time, His eternity.

    Church tradition sings,
    “Swift to its close ebbs out life’s little day.
    Earth’s joys grow dim; its glories pass away.
    Change and decay in all around I see;
    O Thou who changest not, abide with me!”
    (Henry F. Lyte)

    Is this the voice of man, or, heaven forbid, paganism? Or is it simply what God’s word says in so many words?
    Elijah Muhammad did not teach that Wallace D. Fard always had been God. Neither is Wallace D. Fard, precisely speaking, the incarnation of One who had always been God; that is ‘spook’ theology. The Koran does not dispute God’s eternity:

    “SAY: He is God alone:
    God the eternal!” (Koran, Sura 112:1-2).
    Though Elijah Muhammad repeats the Muslim confession of one deity without any evident embarrassment, the tales he tells call to mind quite different precursors:


    Joseph Smith began his prophetic career penning a pious forgery intended to stir up faith in the living God: “For the fullness of mine intent is that I may persuade men to come unto the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, and be saved.” (Book of Mormon, Nephi 6:4). He ended by teaching how “the gods” organized matter into the worlds. What on earth happened? Where does all this stuff come from? The reader of the King Follett Discourse lands in unfamiliar territory, but pick out a few landmarks, and it all starts to look strangely familiar.
    Joseph Smith’s Hebrew translations, indefensible though they may be, are not altogether original. Some of the themes that appear in his late work are familiar from the Kabbalah, such as worlds within worlds:

    • “Then you wonder, astonished: Who am I? I am a mustard seed in the middle of the sphere of the moon, which itself is a mustard seed within the next sphere. So it is with that sphere and all it contains in relation to the next sphere. So it is with all the spheres — one inside the other — and all of them are a mustard seed within the further expanses. And all of these are a mustard seed within further expanses. Your awe is invigorated, the love in your soul expands.”

    • (Moses Cordovero, ‘Or Ne’erav,’ ed. Yehuda Z. Brandwein, 2:2 (18b-19a), paraphrased p. 22, The Essential Kabbalah, Daniel C. Matt).

    The Kabbalah first appeared in medieval times but incorporates prior gnostic material: “The early kabbalists drew on old gnostic traditions and on philosophical ideas that lent themselves to a mystical and symbolic view of the world.” (Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah, by Gershom Scholem, p. 15).
    And gnostic it is: in the Zohar, the God of Israel is not the first cause, but a product: “Thus: Brashith bara Alhim ath hashamayim signify: He, the unknown mysterious One, created alhim the fructifying and generative principle of the heavens, one in origin but dual in operation.” (The Zohar, the Book of Light. Section 1, Genesis: Creation). There is a God above God: the “unknown mysterious One,” the Deists’ god. This higher god is the uncaused cause, not the God of Israel, who is lower down the food chain.
    One striking feature of the Kabbalah is an anthropomorphic analysis of God’s bodily geometry. This distinctly unpromising line of inquiry has a long history, stemming from an intensive analysis of Ezekiel’s vision of God’s chariot-throne:

    “And above the firmament over their heads was the likeness of a throne, in appearance like a sapphire stone; on the likeness of the throne was a likeness with the appearance of a man high above it.” (Ezekiel 1:26).

    From the original undifferentiated infinity, Ein Sof, emanated ten sefirot, powers or attributes, and from thence the created universe. Ein sof is Spinoza’s god: the undifferentiated, infinite, ground of all being, itself devoid of any attribute and thus unknowable: “This then is the explanation: The Ein Sof is called ‘nothing’ for it is impossible to grasp.” (Hayyim Vital, The Tree of Life, Gate 42, Chapter 1, page 5). The ten sefirot originate, not from any willed act of creation by a transcendent Creator-God, but arise by ’emanation,’ as does the entire universe. The sefirot are still within the realm of the divine, although they have been elaborated into a plurality, and one of them, the Shekinah, is fated to go into exile, thus busting up the family. Just as the Christian Trinitarian does not intend to divide the Divine Unity, neither does the Kabbalist:

    “There is no change and division in the Emanator such as would justify the statement that in the ten sefiroth He is divided in parts. Division and change do not apply to Him, but [only] to the external sefiroth [that are His vessels]. We may make this more plausible to the understanding of the thoughtful student by means of a suitable comparison, to wit, of water in communicating vessels of different colors, such as white, red, green, and so forth. As the water spreads through the vessels, it appears to be colored with the hues of the vessels, although it is essentially one and the same.”

    (Pardes Rimmonim, bk. IV. ch. 4, quoted pp. 32-33, Gershom Scholem, Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystic Messiah).

    Every existing thing is incorporated into this chain of emanations:

    • “There is nothing — not even the tiniest thing — that is not fastened to the links of this chain. Everything is catenated in its mystery, caught in its oneness.”

    • (Moses de Leon, ‘Sefer ha-Rimmon’ (The Book of the Pomegranate), paraphrased p. 26, The Essential Kabbalah, Daniel C. Matt).


    Joseph Smith taught, in late works like the King Follett Discourse, that God is an exalted man: “God himself was once as we are now, and is an exalted man, and sits enthroned in yonder heavens! That is the great secret.” (Joseph Smith, King Follett Discourse). What saith the scripture?

    • “God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?”
    • (Numbers 23:19).

    • “And also the Strength of Israel will not lie nor repent: for he is not a man, that he should repent.”
    • (1 Samuel 15:29).

    • “I will not execute the fierceness of My anger; I will not again destroy Ephraim. For I am God, and not man, The Holy One in your midst; and I will not come with terror.”
    • (Hosea 11:9).


    How Wali Fard Became Wallie Ford
    Wali Dodd Fard and Wallace Dodd Ford and before that, Fred Dodd.
    Elijah Muhammad (born Elijah Robert Poole; October 7, 1897 – February 25, 1975)
    Louis Farrakhan, Sr. (born Louis Eugene Wolcott; May 11, 1933


    An old newspaper photograph and a World War I draft card proves conclusively that the FBI was correct about the true identity of the founder of the Nation of Islam (NOI).

    Wallace D. Fard Muhammad – worshiped within the NOI and some offshoots as the literal incarnation of God – was in fact the same man known before the creation of the NOI as Wali Dodd Fard and Wallace Dodd Ford and before that, Fred Dodd.

    Based on a World War I draft card on file at the National Archives (and available now on and elsewhere), Fard gave his name as “Wallie Dodd Fard.” However, the clerk who registered him or another individual at the draft board put the name “Ford” in parenthesis, apparently thinking the spelling was in error or that Fard was mispronouncing his own name.

    Fard had only been in America for four years at the time he registered for the First World War draft. The signature on the card is also “Wallie Dodd Fard.”

    The FBI discovered from field interviews that Fard’s skills in reading and writing English were very poor. This was true of many immigrants during the early part of the twentieth century, of course.
    The FBI’s search for Fard’s true identity began in the late 1950s due to concerns about the skyrocketing growth of the NOI after Malcolm X became the sect’s national ambassador. Membership grew exponentially over a seven-year period beginning in 1956.

    A former wife told FBI agents in the late 1950s that she routinely wrote letters for Fard. They were addressed to his uncle who lived in New Zealand.

    Dated June 15, 1917, the draft card lists Fard’s place of birth as the Shinka region of Afghanistan. Shinka is misspelled. The town, actually spelled Shinkay, is located in Zabul Province.

    In The Judas Factor (Thunder’s Mouth Press: 1992), I concluded (Chapter 10: Exposing Fard) that the FBI file on Wallace D. Fard contained credible information about the origins of the NOI founder. Despite the NOI’s belief that Fard was God incarnated, old editions of original Final Call newspaper describe him as “Prophet Fard Mohammed,” not Allah.

    Orthodox Muslims condemn this as heresy. A prominent NOI member was threatened with death in the 1990s and given a warning to stop teaching that Fard was God in person. The orthodox group backed off over fears of a bloodbath between them and members of the Nation of Islam.

    In The Messenger: The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad (Pantheon: 1999) I speculated that Fard was from the Pakistan region because of the terminology he employed but also because of his surname.
    Fard was a common surname among Pakistanis in the early 1900s.(Though not officially a state until 1947, the people retained their tribal identity and languages). The other telltale sign was Fard’s assertion that African Americans were originally members of the Tribe of Shabazz, and that they emanated from Mecca. Shabazz is an incorrect spelling of Shahbaz.

    One of the holiest temples near Fard’s birthplace is Shahbaz Qalandar. It is named for Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (1177–1274), the Sufi saint who was born in Marvand, Afghanistan.
    Fard also renamed one of his first ministers – Elijah Muhammad’s brother – “Kallat Muhammad.” Qalat, as it happens, in the capital of Zabul Province. It borders Kandahar.

    The Nation of Islam has long denied that Wallace Dodd Ford and Wali Dodd Fard were the same man. The draft card, interviews with his former wives, and a 1932 photograph in the Detroit Free Press prove beyond any doubt that my conclusions in The Messenger are correct.


    The FBI started to unravel Fard’s hidden past when it interviewed one of his former wives. In January 1958, Hazel Evelsizer told the FBI that she formed a common law marriage with Wallace Dodd Ford in 1920. They had a son the same year whom they christened Wallace Dodd Ford Jr. He was killed on August 3, 1942 while serving in the US Coast Guard at Linhaven Roads, Virginia, according to his mother.

    While placing clean clothing in her husband’s dresser drawer one day, she found a letter addressed to “Fred Dodd” of Portland, Oregon. She found this odd because Ford told her that he lived in Portland prior to moving to Los Angeles. The couple lived in the home of a white family (the Bushings), according to the 1920 Census for Los Angeles County.

    The FBI used this information to trace Ford back to Oregon. There, they found a divorce petition filed by Fred Dodd against Pearl (aka Pearle) Allen Dodd. The divorce petition, which is available from the Multnomah County archives, reveals that Dodd married the 18-year-old Native American in 1914. Her name appears on the marriage license and divorce petition as Pearle or Pearl Allen, but Native American census records show that her tribal surname was Enouf.

    According to the petition, Dodd wanted a divorce after less than a year of marriage because his wife was a “habitual drinker.” Dodd, who neither drank nor smoked, operated a “lunch wagon” that brought in a hefty income. He was saving money to buy a home, but he accused his wife of wasting their savings on alcohol and travel.

    Dodd’s occupation was significant since Wallace Dodd Ford operated a restaurant in Los Angeles. Moreover, Wallace D. Fard Muhammad impressed early members of the Nation of Islam with his culinary skills. Many NOI members said that the diet he recommended and his ban on pork and alcoholic beverages improved their health and even saved lives.


    Few NOI members knew that Fard had other reasons besides religion to adhere to a strict diet. According to Nathaniel Muhammad, one of Elijah Muhammad’s sons, Fard was diabetic.

    “He used to carry packs of sugar in his [suit coat] pocket,” the son told NOI historian Lance Shabazz during a phone interview. Nathaniel said he was working on a book that would reveal things he remembered from the two years that Fard was close to his family. He also mentioned that Fard’s hands bled easily, and that the NOI founder often wore gloves to confine its flow (go to Youtube and search for Episode 159 of the “Lance Shabazz Show”). Some types of diabetes result in a lack of sensation in the extremities (fingers, toes), resulting in undetected cuts and injuries.

    Nathaniel Muhammad long ago rejected the claim of Fard’s divinity, he said, and gave his reasons.

    “He told you his birthday was 1877,” he says at the beginning of Part 4. “February 26.”
    “Now that couldn’t be God. God was not born. . . So let’s be realistic about it.”
    He urged NOI members to give Fard credit for the work that he did, but to reject bogus claims that Fard was divine because Fard “never said he was a god.”


    There are only four known photographs of Wali D. Fard Muhammad, the last name used by the NOI’s founder before leaving the group in 1934. His departure sparked a violent feud between Elijah Muhammad and his brother Kallat. According to limited records, Kallat wanted to continue teaching that Fard was a prophet. Elijah Muhammad, however, elevated Fard to the godhead and began calling himself the “seal of the prophets.” The feud, Elijah Muhammad wrote in several books, became so intense that he and his family had to hide from Kallat’s group for fear of being killed.

    When Kallat fell ill in the late 1930s, Elijah Muhammad called it divine chastisement, proof that his brother was not the natural leader of the NOI.


    The earliest photo is a mug shot from 1926, when Fard was arrested on drug charges.

    The second photo is a mug shot showing Fard after arriving at San Quentin. His head is partially shaven.

    The third photo is the Detroit Free Press picture of Fard in the custody of two detectives following the arrest of Robert Smith, a Black Muslim who killed an acquaintance as part of a plan to offer four “human sacrifices” to “my God.”

    The fourth and last photo is also a mug shot. It was taken on May 25, 1933 by the Detroit Police Department. News had spread of other planned sacrificial murders, so prominent black residents of Detroit demanded that the city take action. Fard was given the option of leaving town or going to jail.
    He returned to Hazel Dodd in Los Angeles. After a few weeks, Fard told her that he was returning to New Zealand. As far as anyone knows, he was never heard from again.

    NOTE: A fuller description of the early years of the Nation of Islam will be offered in a book being published next year by a European scholar and teacher. She has provided the following information:
    Race, Islam and the Quest for Freedom: A history of the Nation of Islam
    By Dawn-Marie Gibson
    (April 2012)
    Praeger Books

    Also see:
    Note: This column and accompanying materials may be copied and republished without prior consent from the author with the following caveats.
    1. There can be no altering of text and no material altering of images.
     Nation of Islam’s Founder Was Afghani; Suffered fr…
     PAPER TIGER: Manning Marable’s Poison Pen

    Even Steven
    Karl Evanzz is the author of several books about the Nation of Islam, including The Judas Factor: The Plot to Kill Malcolm X (1992) and The Messenger: The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad (1999).

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    Does The Nation of Islam still believe that Master Fard is Allah in flesh?
    Do they also still believe that Elijah Muhammad was his final messenger?
    For your information:

    –NOI teaches that “Allah (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July 1930; the long-awaited Messiah of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims.”

    Fard claimed that he had been born in the holy city of Mecca, to a black father named Alphonso, AND A RUSSIAN-JEWISH MOTHER from the Caucusus, named Baby Gee.


    In an excerpt from a new book of essays, I Wish I’d Been There, delves into the curious origins of the Nation of Islam, and a bizarre, pre–World War II plot by Japanese agents to build a fifth column among African Americans.

    The year is 1934. Two slight, nattily dressed men, one black and one white, shake hands in a Chicago area airport. Both seem all but overwhelmed with emotion, the darker, slightly younger man asking when his companion will return, only to be told to look in the Bible for the answer. At last, the lighter-skinned man breaks away, and disappears up into the prairie sky—with or possibly without benefit of airplane…

    …or so it is told. The two men were Master Wallace Fard Muhammad and Elijah Muhammad or at least those were the latest of the all but countless names they would take for themselves, over the course of two of the more unlikely lives in all American history. I wish I had been there to witness their final, known meeting because it would have told me so much about the fire to come, and the nature of radical black politics to this day. No doubt, it would also have shed some light on one of the most outlandish plots ever conceived against this country, and the unparalleled American proclivity for self-invention.

    “God, it is written, appeared to the black people of Detroit’s Paradise Valley slums on July 4, 1930, in the person of a peddler of clothing and silks known variously as Wallace D. Fard, W. Fard Muhammad, F. Muhammad Ali, Wali Farrad, or simply Mr. Farrad,” was how journalist Peter Goldman described him in his seminal, 1973 work, The Death and Life of Malcolm X.

    He was a short, dapper, light-skinned man, who went door-to-door selling clothing and cloth that he asserted were what people wore in Africa, but what he liked to talk about most were religion and the benefits of an abstemious, pork- and alcohol-free diet.

    He claimed that he had been born in the holy city of Mecca, to a black father named Alphonso, AND A RUSSIAN-JEWISH MOTHER from the Caucusus, named Baby Gee.

    He carried with him a copy of the Bible and the Koran, and recommended — despite the provenance of his mother—the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    How could such an individual gain a growing coterie of adherents? Master Wallace Fard Muhammad—as he then preferred to be called—had come into his ministry at just the right time, a period of both intense disillusionment and radical religious departure within the black community.

    In the years between the world wars, American blacks had begun to turn to charismatic, self-proclaimed messiahs such as Father Divine, Sweet Daddy Grace and Mother Horn. Harlem saw the advent of Marcus Garvey’s largely political, but also semimystical, black nationalist, “back to Africa” movement. Thousands more looked to a proliferation of new, often quasiIslamic faiths, including Noble Drew Ali’s Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA).

    Fard seems to have come to Detroit originally as a leading acolyte of Noble Drew Ali’s. He struck out on his own after Drew Ali—formerly a New Jersey trainman named Timothy Drew—expired from tuberculosis, and his remaining followers refused to acknowledge Fard Muhammad as his reincarnation. But where had Fard come from before that? Just who was this exotic little man—and was he even “black”?

    Karl Evanzz, in his excellent biography of Elijah Muhammad, The Messenger, utilized sources turned up by the FBI, the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and his own investigations to establish with a reasonable degree of certainty that Fard was born Wali Dodd Fard, in 1891, not in Mecca, but New Zealand, to an Anglo mother and a father from the Urdu-speaking region of what is now Pakistan. By 1913 he had emigrated to the West Coast, where he lived a peripatetic existence.

    In 1926 Fard was arrested for running a small bootlegging and morphine trafficking operation, with a Chinese-American partner named Eddie Donaldson. After serving almost three years in San Quentin, he departed for Chicago, where he found a job as a traveling medical supplies salesman— and hooked up with Noble Drew Ali’s Moors.

    The Moors wore beards and red fezzes, considered Noble Drew Ali a prophet and recited a catechism that taught that African Americans were in fact Asians, descended from the Old Testament’s Moabites. Fard the salesman took up this last belief and invented his own densely detailed theology, “The Knowledge of Self and Others.”

    Allah, Fard taught, had evolved from a spinning atom some 76 trillion years ago. He was the Original Man, and his descendants—all of the Black People of the earth—were the Original People. They had lived in peace and harmony for eons, their future foreseen by a council of Imams—brilliant, clairvoyant scientist-priests, who had mastered a far more advanced technology than anything we have today.

    Every garden has its snake, and in this Eden it was a particularly brilliant and arrogant scientist known as Dr. Yakub, “the Big Head Scientist.” Dr. Yakub and his followers invented white people through thousands of years of diabolical experiments, which included the systematic, clandestine murder of millions of black infants. White people lived in caves in Europe, where they fornicated with animals and dressed in their skins. They were a pathetic, vicious race, and the source of every modern disease.

    In the end, the whites were able to turn the tables and take over the world only through the science of “tricknology.” The millions of Africans—or “East Asians”—they transported in the Atlantic slave trade had become slavish imitations of their white masters. But Fard had come to wake them up. The time of the white man was rapidly drawing to a close, and very soon his dominion would be overturned in a vast, apocalyptic reckoning.

    In a stroke, Fard had consolidated the various strands of thought that would form the main stem of American black nationalism up to the present day, and it is easy to imagine how heady and liberating this must have all seemed to the thousands of African Americans sweltering in Detroit’s “Black Bottom,” at the nadir of the Depression. Among them was a frail-seeming, unemployed laborer in his mid-30s named Elijah Poole.

    Poole had been born in Georgia in 1897, the son of a jackleg preacher and sawmill hand, and a mother who had had a vision when she was only 7 years old that she would one day give birth to a great man. Yet by the time Fard encountered him in Detroit, Elijah’s life had been as frustrated and disappointing as that of almost all other black American men at the time. Poole damaged his already weak lungs working as a forge assistant in a Detroit foundry, and became a semi disabled asthmatic, seeking out whatever temporary work he could find while his wife supported the family as a domestic. Before long he had sunk into alcoholism, unable to find solace in his father’s Christianity, or in the Garvey movement or Noble Drew Ali’s Moors, both of which he joined at different times.
    Master Fard was something else again. Poole would claim that he knew right away that Fard was more than just another prophet “the first time I laid eyes on him.” Before many more months had passed, he was pressing Fard to admit that he was the Mahdi, the Messiah—the incarnation of God on earth.

    Like most messiahs, Fard cagily hedged and hinted, before finally admitting it was so, only admonishing Elijah to keep the secret of his divinity between them. Overjoyed, Elijah Poole managed to get off the bottle. His asthma receded, and he worked two and three jobs at a time to support his family, all of whom he brought into the fold of Fard’s new “Allah Temple of Islam.” Above all, the Temple of Islam gave Elijah his voice back. He began to preach and proselytize with Fard, and conscientiously mastered the extensive, intricate lessons of the Temple.

    Yet Elijah’s rapid advance predictably embittered many of Fard’s earlier converts, especially those who made up the “Fruit of Islam”—a sort of palace guard, trained in the martial arts and organized to maintain order in temple meetings. Some of these individuals even began to desert, joining a shadowy new organization modeled closely after the structure and philosophy of Fard’s Temple of Islam.

    The African-American defectors were turning to a pair of Japanese agents. In the early 1930s, a Baron Satokata Takahashi, from the Japanese army’s Kokuryukai, or Black Dragon Society, and one Ashima Takis, a k a Policarpio Manasala, a Filipino national and former Japanese naval officer now posing as a graduate student, entered the country, with the express purpose of turning black Americans into a pro-Japanese fifth column.

    Operating brazenly in at least a dozen American cities, Takahashi and Takis promised power and other rewards to African Americans who would help Japan in the war to come— and even suggested that they could do their bit by beginning to kill whites immediately. Ludicrous as their efforts may sound today, they seem to have inspired at least one killing spree by a deranged Filipino in Seattle—and they easily established themselves as the most rhetorically militant black nationalists extant.

    According to the ONI, Fard and Baron Takahashi met on several occasions, and the Japanese reportedly offered Fard money if he would become Takahashi’s chief minister. Fard apparently demurred, but the writing was clearly on the wall. Fard would have to at least talk a bigger game, if he was to keep his congregation.

    By 1932, accordingly, Fard had begun teaching “The History of the End of the World,” which emphasized the imminent destruction of the white race, to be brought about by “The Mother Ship” or “The Mother Plane”—an airship half a mile by half a mile in size that had been mistakenly described in the Bible as Ezekiel’s wheel. More pertinent, it seems that Fard’s Mother Plane had been built in Japan by “our Asiatic brothers,” under his supervision. Soon, the faithful at the Allah Temple of Islam were being given a new book, Secret Rituals of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, in which Fard seemed to call—in barely coded words—for every true believer to kill at least four white devils.

    These machinations came abruptly to the public’s notice on the Sunday before Thanksgiving 1932, when a deranged black Detroit resident named Robert Harris decided to “initiate” a neighbor into the Temple of Islam by making him into a human sacrifice. The ensuing arrest and police investigation would place unbearable pressure on the Temple. Soon, headlines were trumpeting the discovery of a murderous “voodoo cult” in the Black Bottom. Fard and Elijah insisted that this was unfair, since Harris had only a tangential connection to the Temple, and was performing “rites” he had wholly invented on an innocent black man.

    But the predominantly Christian, African-American community of Detroit felt shamed and embarrassed by the ongoing revelations about Fard’s cult. The police investigation turned up Fard’s Secret Rituals, and the master was quickly arrested. A series of tumultuous trials and subsequent investigations over the next three years found that the 400 schoolchildren in the Temple’s “University of Islam” were being taught courses with names such as “General Knowledge of Spook [White] Civilization”—and instructed that they would win a button with Allah’s picture on it, and a trip to Mecca if they, too, were able to “cut off the head of four ‘devils.’ ”

    The full force of official Detroit landed on the Temple then. Known members were cut from the welfare rolls, harassed on the streets by police and arrested at their workplaces. Black ministers and community leaders loudly denounced the cult. Elijah, for one, refused to back down, leading hundreds of loyal followers to the courthouse in processions that stunned Detroit’s white police force. Altercations broke out in the courtroom, and Elijah himself was briefly arrested, although he remained an adamant defender of the faith.

    Yet Fard seemed oddly quiescent for a man who had just been coolly plotting the demise of the white race. Remanded to the psychopathic ward of Detroit’s Receiving Hospital after his arrest, he claimed that his followers had misunderstood his teachings, and meekly promised a judge to disband the Allah Temple of Islam, and leave Detroit forever. On December 7, 1932, two detectives escorted him to the Chicago train, but he was back within a month—changing the name of the Allah Temple of Islam to the Nation of Islam, handing down new names to his followers and instructing them to discard their distinctive red fezzes.

    This subterfuge had no chance to succeed in a community as insular as the Black Bottom, and by May 25, 1933, Fard had been arrested again. Now, he allegedly confessed to his police interrogators that all of his teachings and the Nation of Islam were “a racket,” and that this time he really would leave the city for good. A few days later he drove away in a “sleek black Ford automobile,” after telling the weeping faithful:

    “Don’t worry. I am with you; I will be with you in the near future to lead you out of this hell.”

    Turning to hug his first lieutenant, he added,

    “Tell them, Elijah, I love them.”

    There is no documented report that anyone ever saw Wallace Fard Muhammad again…which is where the real mystery begins. He may have snuck back into Detroit several more times through the early months of 1934, and Elijah claimed that he traveled to Chicago on other occasions to meet with the master and to learn his wishes. Elijah told the congregation back in Detroit that he was to be known as Elijah Muhammad—“God manifest” and Fard’s anointed successor. In Fard’s name he preached the imminent end of the world, and support for his Japanese “brothers,” with renewed vigor.

    All this simply brought the police and the social workers down on the heads of the Nation again, and increasingly alienated rank-and-file Muslims. Elijah’s descriptions of what had happened to Fard were often vague and contradictory, and led to growing rumors of skullduggery. Soon, Elijah counted threequarters of the Detroit Muslims as “hypocrites,” i.e., his enemies. By 1935 he was forced to take to the road in fear of his life, and the next several years were spent on a lonely hegira, taking refuge in any of the small, ancillary communities of the Nation of Islam that still supported his claim.

    But just what had happened to Fard? FBI agents managed to turn up his ex-wife, Hazel, who told them that Fard had returned to visit her and their son in Los Angeles, sometime in 1934, but that he had left again after a month, saying that he intended to return to New Zealand. Evanzz points out that the month of his departure was the same month that his old partner, Eddie Donaldson, was released from San Quentin. Other reports put Fard in Gary, Ind., in 1940, at the head of another quasiIslamic organization.

    None of these reports have been objectively confirmed. One would have had to have actually been at that last meeting between Fard and Elijah to gain a sense of what Fard’s intentions were, and what his departure portended. Did Elijah evince any resentment over the renunciation of the faith that the Detroit police purportedly extracted from his old master? Did Fard actually make him his successor? Did Fard achieve that greatest feat of any messiah, and make a clean getaway? Or was there, in fact, the foul play involved that so many of Elijah’s rivals suspected?

    The answers would give one considerable insight into the mind and personality of Elijah Muhammad, the man who would continue to run the Nation of Islam as his personal fiefdom until his death in 1975. Above all, they would tell one so much about the pathology that dogged the Nation of Islam almost from its inception, the legacy of violence that would claim not only the life of its greatest leader, Malcolm X, but also continue with the massacres of “hypocrites,” both for the crime of defying Elijah, well into the 1970s. To have been there at the end of the beginning—to see Master Fard fly away with airplane or without— would have been a chance to glimpse not only into a religious mystery but also into the proud, contorted, rejectionist heart of black nationalism itself.

    Originally published in the December 2006 issue of American History.

    Kevin Baker

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