“Close His Eyes”


THE SMOKING GUN: In this chilling transcript of a conversation that was secretly recorded by the FBI at Elijah Muhammad’s Phoenix residence in January of 1964, the Nation of Islam leader used a Mafia-like euphemism (“they had better close his eyes”) to convey an EXPLICIT order to Captain Joseph X Gravitt of Harlem’s Mosque #7 (seen in the photo to the left of Elijah Muhammad) that Malcolm X should be MURDERED. As a result of this directive, Gravitt approached an explosives expert in Mosque #7 known as Luqman Abdurr Rahim (aka Anas M Luqman) and instructed him to wire Malcolm’s Oldsmobile to explode upon ignition – an order Luqman refused to carry out.

This FBI transcript offers the clearest evidence yet that, contrary to NOI claims that Elijah Muhammad had instructed his ministers to “leave Malcolm alone”, the order to assassinate Malcolm X originated with Elijah Muhammad himself – a criminal conspiracy of which the FBI was aware and to which they were active accessories by virtue of their failure to disrupt the plot and arrest its participants.


21st February 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Malcolm X assassination and we demand that Louis Farrakhan publish all of the NOI’s files and records, in full and without alteration, on the five known assassins of Malcolm X: William X Bradley, Leon Davis, Talmadge Hayer, Albert Benjamin Thomas and Wilbert McKinney.

We are also appealing to President Barack Obama to publish all FBI, CIA and NYPD-BOSSI files and records, without alteration or redaction, relating to the 1965 crime.

We call upon YOU to support this effort by taking the #MalcolmXChallenge, nominating your Friends and signing the Malcolm X Petition.


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