The Cookie Crumbles

Cindy Bernhard, Farrakhan, charcoal on mylar, 10 x 10, 2012

The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, 288-291:

To God, Who is so just and reasonable,

That He’ll not suffer that it hidden be;

Though it may skulk a year, or two, or three,

Murder will out, and I conclude thereon…

From The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Louis Farrakhan – a man who’s Freudian slips are worthy of an Olympic sport – cites an episode from his childhood in order to illustrate the hazards of deceit, albeit in ways which could yet have epic ramifications for the octogenarian as ongoing probes into the Malcolm X assassination threaten to finally uncover his own part in the crime.

In that excerpt from the 26th chapter in his 2013-14 The Time & What Must Be Done YouTube philippics (ironically titled ‘The Lie and The Liar Must Be Exposed’), Farrakhan describes an incident in which both he and his younger sibling, Alvan, were caught stealing cookies from their mum’s cookie jar. Confronted with their perfidy, the pair denied the crime only to be later found out and punished.

As the years went by both Louis and Alvan wound up in Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam and, following Malcolm’s departure from the sect, became his sworn enemies. Now known as ‘Louis X’ and ‘Alvan X’, Farrakhan would go on to deliver homicidal diatribes against Malcolm while his brother (in a role referred to by Malcolm in this 1965 interview) would assist two vicious Fruit of Islam thugs – Clarence 2X Gill and John X Peters – in Malcolm’s attempted murder. On the day of Malcolm’s assassination Louis X, whose sinister 1964 declaration that “the die is set and Malcolm shall not escape” strongly suggests prior knowledge of the death plot, was selected to speak at the self-same Newark mosque to which the assassins belonged – an assignment the elder Walcott has long sought to explain away as mere ‘coincidence’.

For his part Alvan X, in addition to his aforementioned role as a facilitator in the Gill and Peters murder scheme, is rumoured to have played a part in the 1965 Valentine’s Day firebombing of Malcolm’s East Elmhurst residence, two blocks away from which Alvan’s own home was located.

Like the fibs they each told in their childhood, both men have persistently denied playing any role in the Malcolm X assassination. And in what may yet prove to have been a chilling display of clairvoyance, Farrakhan alludes to the necessity of eliminating witnesses who could testify against guilty parties (like himself) who might otherwise find themselves facing the legal consequences of their past wrongs.



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