The Return of John Ali

John Ali-3 John Ali-2

The once all-powerful ‘National Secretary’ of the Nation of Islam and architect of the Malcolm X assassination, John Ali, recently surfaced at Louis Farrakhan’s 2015 Saviours Day convention after going into hiding following the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975. In the first publicly-available photographs of this reclusive and notorious figure to emerge in over 40 years, it would appear that Ali has lost none of his sneering arrogance.

During a June 1964 appearance on Chicago’s WVON Radio show called ‘Hotline’ (hosted by the late Wesley South), Ali publicly declared that the Nation of Islam planned to murder Malcolm X. And like New Jersey assassin William Bradley (aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz), Ali must now be arrested on suspicion of complicity in the 1965 killing.

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9 thoughts on “The Return of John Ali

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  2. Hello–I used to work with John Ali in the 1990’s. I am interested in getting into contact with him. My name is Cristina Nolan.

      • Hotep brother, that Judas needs to be brought to street justice immediately. I will spread this link to all the conscious brothers

      • Absolute Truth..He needs to be brought to Justice..for his participation in the Assassination of Malcolm X ..After the deed was done he couldn’t get back to Elijah Muhammad to tell him that Malcolm X died .Astaghfillah ..smh.. Pure wickedness.. You want for your brother what you want for yourself..So why go into hiding after Elijah dies.. I don’t get it ..

      • Agreed one thing a person came from Pakistan in 1981 or 1982 he stayed in Chicago for 3 yrs he studied NOI and and got very impressed by Elijah Mohammad went back to Pakistan starTed a movement just like NOI and end up killing lot of people and noe living in self exile in UK when I read the book The Judas Factor I find out he got the idea from NOI he even talks like Elijah and a very rutheless man

  3. John Ali went into hiding because he’s an agent who works for the military industrial complex and the Boule.
    Connect the dots. He got help from someone with a lot of power and only the black elitist and Jew elitist could pull that off.

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