The Return of John Ali

John Ali-3 John Ali-2

The once all-powerful ‘National Secretary’ of the Nation of Islam and architect of the Malcolm X assassination, John Ali, recently surfaced at Louis Farrakhan’s 2015 Saviours Day convention after going into hiding following the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975. In the first publicly-available photographs of this reclusive and notorious figure to emerge in over 40 years, it would appear that Ali has lost none of his sneering arrogance.

During a June 1964 appearance on Chicago’s WVON Radio show called ‘Hotline’ (hosted by the late Wesley South), Ali publicly declared that the Nation of Islam planned to murder Malcolm X. And like New Jersey assassin William Bradley (aka Al-Mustafa Shabazz), Ali must now be arrested on suspicion of complicity in the 1965 killing.

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14 thoughts on “The Return of John Ali

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  2. Hello–I used to work with John Ali in the 1990’s. I am interested in getting into contact with him. My name is Cristina Nolan.

      • Hotep brother, that Judas needs to be brought to street justice immediately. I will spread this link to all the conscious brothers

      • Absolute Truth..He needs to be brought to Justice..for his participation in the Assassination of Malcolm X ..After the deed was done he couldn’t get back to Elijah Muhammad to tell him that Malcolm X died .Astaghfillah ..smh.. Pure wickedness.. You want for your brother what you want for yourself..So why go into hiding after Elijah dies.. I don’t get it ..

      • Agreed one thing a person came from Pakistan in 1981 or 1982 he stayed in Chicago for 3 yrs he studied NOI and and got very impressed by Elijah Mohammad went back to Pakistan starTed a movement just like NOI and end up killing lot of people and noe living in self exile in UK when I read the book The Judas Factor I find out he got the idea from NOI he even talks like Elijah and a very rutheless man

  3. John Ali went into hiding because he’s an agent who works for the military industrial complex and the Boule.
    Connect the dots. He got help from someone with a lot of power and only the black elitist and Jew elitist could pull that off.

  4. I’m totally SHOCKED John Ali has a historical record for being accused of planning Malcolm X assassination! I’ve known John Ali since my teen years! My family and I are not Muslim and never knew this! I’ve just found this shocking information today! My family always believed John Ali is a trusted historical figure in the black community! I went to the Heavy weight boxing champion Muhammad Ali’s book signing with John Ali. I walked behind the table to meet Muhammad Ali. He whispered in my ear while pointing to John Ali and said “He’s dangerous.” I laughed because I thought Muhammad Ali was joking like always in his boxing personality! I’m an American female inventor. I’ve designed a social security number fraud screening system to stop identity fraud permanently! I’ve filed my invention at the United States Patent & Trademark Office in 2005. My own independent five year research and development project created a trillion dollar high tech portfolio of new use tech ideas, designs, new revenue models, new markets, barely emerged untapped markets and tech ideas never seen before! The prepaid card marjet is a trillion dollar trade secret stolen from my research in 2007 while in Washington DC! John Ali’s cousin hip hop Russell Simmons, is an early market leader of this stolen trade secret via the RUSH card! My tech invention claims were ambushed immediately upon filing my invention at the U.S. patent office in 2005! My mobile phone payments invention claim filed in my 2006 U.S patent application was stolen! My stolen tech claim sparked the smart phone revolution! Jewish companies GOOGLE and APPLE are market leaders of mobile phone payments, mobile phone internet and mobile phone operating systems as result of robbing me! My stolen mobile phone payments invention claim is responsible for smart phone revolution and the trillion dollar mobile phone applications market! This is relevant to John Ali because I was a roommate at his Chicago Gold Coast apartment when my idea was born! I was calmly excited after waking in the morning with a great idea after a strange dream. It was a basic good idea! I created a confidentiality agreement for John Ali to sign after I mentioned my basic idea to him on the morning of Memorial Day, May 30, 2005! It was the only time I spoke of my invention detail to John Ali! I’ve spoken no invention details ever again from that day! A week later on June 6, 2005, I mailed my invention’s first correspondence to the U.S. patent office! It was because my family and I trusted the historical black icon John Ali, that I wanted him to have a part in my invention’s history. I asked John Ali to sign my invention’s first patent disclosure document! In my mind, I included the word “trustee,” to mean a family friend whom I trust! lol! The signing was not a business deal! It was a signature according to patent law as a witness to my ownership of the filed invention. While in Washington DC, another family friend John Bellamy introduced me to Howard University’s Professor of the Technology Department Derrick! These men seemed desperate for me to reveal details of my invention, but I refused! Only two people knew my basic idea at this time! The U.S. patent office and I, were the only ones with full disclosure two years after my invention was born in 2005.
    Otherwise, anyone else with my invention details stole it! One day, John Bellamy invited me to the U.S. Department if Homeland Security seminar! I met the Zionist Jew DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff! DHS stole my invention’s concept and changed it to the e-VERIFY system! In the mean time, former family friend John Bellamy brought the lap top that he’d agreed to loan for my use. I was researching, developing and organizing a business plan in preparation for traveling to Silicon Valley for VC funding! In a playful VERBAL AGREEMENT with John Bellamy, we agreed I would finally allow him to see my work! In a joking tone, John Bellamy replied something like “OK, to make you more comfortable, you can sign my company’s electronic confidentiality agreement.” So I did. It was signed based on the verbal agreement, period! This was a family friend. Signing his company’s confidentiality agreement was based on the verbal confidentiality agreement! It has nothing to do with his actual company’s confidentiality agreement! It was trusting fun! I didn’t know these men were criminals! Today, I’m homeless in Silicon Valley while trying to launch my company with VC funding! This is a 14 ridiculous years old financial crime story! Every detail of my life has been micro stalked, slandered and sabotaged every step of the way! The criminal elite has emerged every unique technology innovation I’ve discovered! The criminal elite are making hundreds of billions of dollars stolen right from the U.S. patent office, patent applications, trade secrets and stolen research! John Bellamy’s laptop was stealing my billion dollar trade secret packed research and his friend Howard University Professor Derrick knew APPLE Computer’s found Steve Jobs personally! The FBI has done nothing since I filed my first criminal complaint in 2008. I’m a child of GOD.

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