Engage the Caterpillar


IRAN’S NAPOLEON: Quds Force legend Qasem Soleimani of the #IRGC has the following accomplishments to his hallowed name: He masterminded Bashar Al-Assad’s 2011-2014 military campaign against the ‘Syrian Rebels’ and defeated their efforts to bring the Arab Spring to Damascus. He armed and guided Lebanon’s Hezbollah in beating back the might of the Israeli Defence Force in 2006. He provided the same backing to Houthi insurgents in their successful 2015 takedown of the government in Yemen. He is credited with 30% of all U.S. military casualties during the Iraqi insurgency of 2003-2008. He is leading Baghdad’s ongoing fight to retake Iraqi territory from the nihilists of #ISIS. And his are the brains behind Tehran’s successful procurement of sensitive technologies for its nuclear weapons programme. In short, he is the greatest military and intelligence GENIUS on the Planet Earth today – AND he bears an uncanny resemblance to Sean Connery’s ‘Caterpillar Driving’ Marko Ramius in the 1990 epic The Hunt for Red October.

#Magnetohydrodynamic #QudsForce


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