A Letter to Jimmy Breslin


Dear Mr Breslin,

A number of recent articles have appeared in connection with an apparent tip-off which you received from the NYPD advising you to attend the 21st February 1965 rally at the Audubon Ballroom and at which Malcolm X was assassinated. These disturbing reports raise a number of concerns.

At point 1:28 of this video a graphic appears of a February 1965 New York Herald Tribune article penned by you and in which you describe the NYPD’s arrest of two suspects in connection with the Malcolm X assassination – only to have the story later altered to reflect the arrest of only one suspect in the afternoon edition of the same paper, notwithstanding the fact that several eyewitnesses corroborated and confirmed the earlier version of the story.

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the second suspect arrested by the NYPD that afternoon was none other than Clarence 2X Gill, a bodyguard of boxing champ Muhammad Ali and the captain of Louis Farrakhan’s mosque #11 in Boston. If these accounts prove true not only would they serve to confirm long-held suspicions that Louis Farrakhan was complicit in the Malcolm X assassination (since it is inconceivable that Farrakhan, who was lecturing at the Newark mosque to which most of the assassins were affiliated, could have been oblivious to the part played in the atrocity by the captain of his own mosque) but in view of these homicidal remarks by boxer Muhammad Ali about Malcolm X, it raises the disturbing possibility that Ali himself may have been privy to the murderous plans of his own bodyguard.

Furthermore, writer Toby Rogers has provided an account of a 2005 encounter he had with you and in which you were less-than-forthcoming when asked about the Malcolm X assassination.

In view of this, a number of questions beg for an answer:

  • Were you pressured to alter your story by the same NYPD who suggested that you attend the Malcolm X rally in the first place?
  • Who was your contact within the NYPD who suggested that you attend the Malcolm X rally and did they, in fact, advise you to sit “well back” (and out of harm’s way) from the stage?
  •  Since when did the NYPD become a public relations agency for Malcolm X and one whose business it was to recommend that journalists like yourself attend Malcolm’s rallies?
  • Why have you, a journalist, maintained a deafening silence about what was clearly suspicious behaviour by the NYPD and of a kind which strongly suggests they had prior knowledge of the plot to assassinate Malcolm X – suspicious behaviour which you, as a journalist, had (and have) a solemn moral and professional obligation to report?
  • And does your silence, Mr Breslin, constitute a form of journalistic complicity in the crime?

You are doubtless aware that an integral component of the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) was the use of co-operative journalists, many of whom volunteered their services to the FBI and who made known their willingness to assist the Bureau in its counterintelligence operations.

Among the newspapers implicated in this practice were the New York Daily News (for which you presently write), Cleveland Plain Dealer, Philadelphia Inquir­er, Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

Are we to assume, Mr Breslin, that you are one of those journalists who aided and abetted the FBI in these activities?

And, to the extent that you were, have you not implicated yourself in the cover-up of the murder of Malcolm X?

We look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

Paul Bitakaramire


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