Fall of a Minister


In 1964, Louis Farrakhan penned a series of vicious and defamatory Muhammad Speaks editorials (with titles like ‘Fall of a Minister’ and ‘Boston Minister tells of Malcolm – Muhammad’s Chief Hypocrite’) and in which he denounced Malcolm X for spreading “lies, slander and filth” about Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad’s private life and suggesting that claims indicating that Mr Muhammad had fathered children with his teenage ‘secretaries’ were FALSE. And then in 1993, during the NOI’s annual Saviours Day convention, Farrakhan invited onto the stage and paraded before the entire world the very ‘secretaries’ whose existence he had previously sought to DENY. 2015 could indeed be the year in which the world will witness the “Fall of a Minister”. But the ‘minister’ in question won’t be Malcolm X.


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