The Farce Awakens


There have been a lot of post-‘JusticeOrElse’ lamentations about the poor MEDIA COVERAGE which the 10.10.15 event received. And there is only ONE person who is to blame for that: LOUIS FARRAKHAN himself. Since Mr Farrakhan seems to have developed a new-found fondness for Martin Luther King, what prevented the NOI leader from showing a little imagination and courage (and taking advantage of the hundreds of thousands of people of all races who had gathered on the National Mall) and leading them into the House of Representatives and the Senate in order to stage a peaceful MLK-style SIT-IN on the Congress and Senate floors?

This spectacular piece of political theatre would have SHUT DOWN the United States Government (as the GOP keeps threatening to do over one issue or another) and garnered more round-the-clock and wall-to-wall news coverage than 9/11. Mr Farrakhan, addressing the planet from the same lectern from which US Presidents deliver the annual State of the Union, could have then declared to the world that the masses planned to STAY PUT, Tahrir Square-style, for as long as it took for the House of Representatives and Senate to pass a REPARATIONS BILL granting Black Americans the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS owed to them for Slavery.

This bold and dramatic act would have IMMORTALISED Mr Farrakhan for all time and carved out his place on Mount Rushmore. It would have inspired COPYCAT SIT-INS at State Capitol Buildings in all of America’s 50 states and in every Parliamentary Building across the Planet. MILLIONS of people the world over, inspired by Mr Farrakhan’s heroism, would have flocked to JOIN the Nation of Islam, resulting in the largest MASS CONVERSION to Islam in World History. Millions of men of all races the world over would have answered Mr Farrakhan’s infamous call for an “Army of 10,000” and the NOI leader’s Fruit of Islam would today lay claim to being the largest standing army on Planet Earth.  BILLIONS of DOLLARS would have flooded into his Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint, creating an Economic Empire spanning the Globe. And Mr Farrakhan would have spectacularly fulfilled the assignment handed him by NOI patriarch Elijah Muhammad that “through you (Farrakhan) I will get all of my people.”

Instead what do we have? Millions of people left wondering what all the “Justice or Else” hype was all about. Millions of people left feeling despondent, downcast and dejected. Millions of people who will NEVER AGAIN answer another call for a “Million Man March”. On 10.10.15 Minister Louis Farrakhan, a man who never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity, BLEW the greatest one to have ever been presented to a single individual to Change the World.



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