The Parricidal Complex


Few, if any, personalities in human history have been quite so thoroughly intoxicated with their own self-importance as to think of themselves as a gift to humanity that might have otherwise been lost to the world had their own mother made the fateful decision to terminate the pregnancy that brought them into being. Such a personality is the Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan.

Farrakhan is a pathological narcissist and egomaniac who appears to have fabricated an oft-told fable about an abortion attempt that was to have been carried out by his own mother – Mae Manning Clarke – but who, in the nick of time, changed her mind and thus ‘gifted’ the world the supposed genius that is Farrakhan.

What is particularly sickening about this self-serving and patently contrived tale is what it reveals about Farrakhan’s nature, his utter lack of scruples and his parricidal willingness to slander his own MOTHER in order to peddle a dubious proposition about the consequences of abortion.

That Farrakhan would have no reservations about concocting a self-aggrandizing fiction the moral of which is that he is a being of such importance that his own abortion would have been a tragedy for all mankind is to display a level of hubris that would shame Caligula. And that he would display even fewer qualms about maligning the woman who gave him birth in the course of advancing his ideological agenda reveals him to be a person possessed of a truly Satanic mendacity.

In his various accounts of his relationship with Malcolm X and the circumstances that led to its rupture, Farrakhan has long sought to advance the obscene notion that “Malcolm died in order that I might live.” If there is any moral to Farrakhan’s abortion fable it is one that would appear to be wholly lost on the Nation of Islam leader. For when one considers the long-suspected role he is believed to have played in the 21st February 1965 slaying of his one-time mentor, Mae Manning Clarke’s decision to proceed with her pregnancy did not ‘gift’ Farrakhan to the world. It likely cost us the life of Malcolm X. And that the one true lesson to be drawn from the NOI leader’s life story is that Malcolm X died because Louis Farrakhan lived.


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