The Islamic Case For Donald Trump


We Muslims (myself included) have a duty to go beyond merely denouncing ISIS and must now become much more pro-active in opposing these barbarians of the so-called ‘Islamic State’. This is a genocidal group that is looking to spark a civil war within Islam by slaughtering Shia Muslims (I’m Sunni) because their beliefs are at variance with those of ISIS. And as we just saw in Belgium, ISIS doesn’t give a hoot if they kill SUNNI Muslims as well in the course of their terror campaigns.

We can no longer sit on the fence as Muslims. We have to make it clear that the atrocities that ISIS carries out have nothing to do with the way of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). And we have to directly confront those within our community who express sympathy with or otherwise flirt with the so-called ‘Khilafah’.

Trump’s views about Islam and Muslims are one area where I once had serious reservations about him. I no longer do. There are 1.6 BILLION Muslims on Planet Earth. We are not in the same powerless predicament as Europe’s Jews in WWII. We Muslims control the bulk of the world’s oil and energy reserves and could easily shut down the economies of the US and the Western World if their campaign against ISIS ever widened into a war against all Muslims.

In fact, Trump’s proposed temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the USA is one of the best things that could ever happen to the world of Islam. It provides us with a cause celebre around which Muslims the world over are able to rally and unite in a way in which we have failed to unify over any other issue. Trump could end up doing the Mahdi’s work for him if his intentions towards the Muslim world were to ever degenerate from legitimate security concerns about ISIS to an ideological war on Islam.

I’m confident that Trump would never do that. He is a pragmatist and not an ideologist and has no history of hatred towards Muslims. By contrast a person like Ted Cruz is a REAL enemy of Islam because his hatred is rooted in, and proceeds from, a profound Judeao-Christian animus towards Islam. Likewise, Hillary Clinton is another real enemy of Islam because her policies are rooted in, and proceed from, her total subservience to the Israeli lobby. Trump, by contrast, is not controlled by Zionists, notwithstanding the support for Israel he has expressed. He is also the only candidate running for President who has pledged to be even-handed in seeking an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

Trump opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq (Hillary supported it). Trump opposed the 2011 overthrow of Libya’s Gaddafi (Hillary was an active participant in it). And Trump opposes ongoing efforts to overthrow Assad in Syria (Hillary supports it). Trump is 100% opposed to the neo-conservatives Middle East project whereas Hillary Clinton totally supports it. This is another one of the reasons I support Donald Trump 100% and will not fall for the lie that he is a ‘racist’ or an ‘Islamophobe’.

Sure, the things that Trump has said about Muslims sound HOSTILE to Muslims. But when you step back from Trump’s anti-Muslim pronouncements and ask yourself: Does banning Muslims from entering the USA hurt Muslims more than it hurts Americans? The answer is ‘No’. Are Trump’s policies in the Muslim world disadvantageous to Muslims – or do they, in fact, have the opposite effect and help to unify and empower the Muslim world (as I previously mentioned)?

When you learn to step back from your emotions and take a cool, calm and collected look at Trump, you can’t but draw the conclusion that, if faced with a choice between him and Hillary Clinton, which of these two candidates would you rather see in the White House: the guy who is funding his own campaign and has told the Zionist lobbies that he won’t accept their money or be controlled by them – or a political whore like Hillary Clinton who has been a slave of Zionism for all of her professional life? The choice is as clear as crystal.


2 thoughts on “The Islamic Case For Donald Trump

  1. Dear Neromaximus. I have shared this on my (hiss, boo) FB page when actually I linked to your Minister Farrakhan one. Which was most informative and despite difficult to document, don’t doubt that some of the allegations most likely true. I am in tacit and vocal (when I get the chance) support of Minister Farrakhan since he persistently speaks truth to power. Hence would be last to chide you for doing likewise. Am also extremely fond of Mother Tynetta’s writings, as consider her to be a universal monist mystic of the first water. Her breadth of acquaintance with other mystics (Arguelles of Maya fame, for instance) and her inclusiveness impress me more than any peculiarities of her other “resume”.
    If you can stand some presenile not TOO white followers of real reporting plus interesting opinion, how do I subscribe to your WordPress blog?? I’m kinda snotty about who I follow, including put Kwame Ture and Franz Fanon on my required reading list. Best wishes.

    • I’m not too sure how one goes about subscribing to a WordPress blog. Never done so myself. I imagine you’d have to have a WordPress account to do so.

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