Donald Trump & Colin Powell



If Donald Trump picks GENERAL COLIN POWELL as his Vice-Presidential running mate, Mr Trump will win at least 30% of the BLACK vote (maybe even 60%) and the 2016 US presidential election will be over. That 30% of Black America consists of the hardest-working, entrepreneurial and aspirational component of the African-American populace and they will vote for their ECONOMIC INTEREST and not with their EMOTIONS. The remainder of Black America will abstain from voting due to apathy – or reluctantly vote for Hillary Clinton. That is all Mr Trump will need to win the White House.

General Powell would make an excellent VP in a Trump Administration. Not only would Powell’s presence at Trump’s side reassure those concerned with Trump’s perceived ‘inexperience’ and ‘extremism’ but Powell would bring immense foreign policy gravitas and military expertise to the ticket.

Both Powell and Trump have at various times been disrespected and ostracised by the GOP establishment and yet both men enjoy widespread popularity with vast constituencies across America. Trump could bring up to 70% of the WHITE vote while Powell could draw up to 60% of the BLACK vote to their joint ticket. Together, these two men would UNIFY a divided America and TRANSFORM a troubled world.