Farrakhan To Endorse Trump?


LOUIS FARRAKHAN TO OFFICIALLY ENDORSE DONALD TRUMP IN ATLANTA ON SUNDAY? – Rumours sweeping Chicago suggest that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is planning to officially endorse DONALD TRUMP for the US Presidency at his ‘Holy Day of Atonement’ event in Atlanta this Sunday (October 16). This shock announcement is expected to shake up the US election by swinging significant African-American support behind the GOP candidate.

Mr Farrakhan’s endorsement of Mr Trump is expected to have a major impact on the HIP HOP community, many of whose leading rap artists admire Mr Farrakhan and hang on his every word. Many of these artists are personal friends of Mr Trump and privately favour him over Hillary Clinton but have been reluctant to make their sympathies known for fear of facing an anti-Trump backlash from their black fanbase. Mr Farrakhan’s endorsement of Mr Trump could embolden these artists to publicly embrace the GOP candidate and this, in turn, could trigger an unstoppable FLOOD of black (and Hispanic) support deserting Mrs Clinton for the Trump Campaign, thus turning her White House dream into a November nightmare…
WHY MIGHT LOUIS FARRAKHAN ENDORSE DONALD TRUMP? – It would be impossible for Louis Farrakhan to oppose Donald Trump on the grounds that Mr Trump is ‘racist’ since the GOP candidate has never expressed bigoted sentiments about any ethnic group that come within a thousand miles of the “all whites are devils/Jews are bloodsuckers/Malcolm X deserved to die” racist and homicidal vitriol that Mr Farrakhan routinely spews at his rallies. Mr Farrakhan is infinitely more racist than Mr Trump has ever been and Mr Farrakhan’s own role in inciting the cold-blooded murder of Malcolm X is immeasurably worse than any role Mr Trump may have played in the incarceration of the Central Park Five: https://youtu.be/GMsR23aLoRw

Indeed, Mr Farrakhan’s vicious anti-white racism makes a mockery of black media personalities like Tavis Smiley, Roland Martin, Al Sharpton, Cliff Kelley and Rock Newman (and countless regular black Americans) – all of whom have variously denounced Mr Trump as a ‘hate monger’ and ‘racial arsonist’ while fawning like schoolgirls over a genuine bigot like Mr Farrakhan and venerating him as an ‘elder statesman’: https://youtu.be/M1-sti9SxZw

Furthermore, Mr Farrakhan has previously expressed admiration of the fact that Mr Trump is self-financing his own presidential campaign and is not controlled by Zionist lobbies and special interests in quite the way that Hillary Clinton is. In addition, Mr Trump’s credentials as a businessman are compatible with Mr Farrakhan’s own efforts to advance an ‘economic empowerment’ agenda, however bogus, among black Americans: https://youtu.be/MUcm59n97i4

On those grounds alone it would be impossible for Mr Farrakhan to withhold an endorsement of Mr Trump, a man whose real estate enterprise is a role model of the property-ownership to which Mr Farrakhan pays lip-service and whose Trump Organisation currently employs more African-Americans than the Nation of Islam has in its entire history. Mr Farrakhan may thus find himself compelled to endorse Mr Trump if only to shore up his own credibility as a ‘black leader’ and avoid going down in history as the biggest blabber-mouth and waste of space Black America ever produced: https://airkittycartel.com/

The New Malcolm X


If Bill Clinton earned the moniker ‘America’s First Black President’ with his 1992 saxophone-playing appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show, Donald Trump let rip his Inner Negro when he mic-dropped Crooked Hillary Clinton multiple times during their second debate, whether it was his “you’d be in jail” quip or his “Honest Abe” put-down. If being ‘black’ transcends ethnicity and defines a certain kind of ‘swag’, chutzpah and disdain for authority (witness the near-universal opprobrium he has earned from the GOP establishment and mainstream media), Mr Trump just became the baddest and ‘blackest’ man in America since Malcolm X. The man is a total rock star. Not even Louis Farrakhan (or Snoop Dogg, for that matter) comes close. Mr Trump, a white man, has performed a truly stupendous feat of identity politics by becoming the de facto standard bearer of ‘blackness’ in America today. And with his ‘jail’ jibe propagating across the web in a kaleidoscope of ‘Thug Life’ iterations, we may well come to look back on this as the moment when WASP became the New Black and a viral Vine decided an election.

Perpetrating the Fraud


“You been misled. You been had. You been took…”

– Malcolm X, 1964

During their debate at Hofstra University, Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton accused Republican opponent Donald Trump of perpetuating a ‘racist myth’ that America’s ‘first black president’ – Barack Hussein Obama – was not, in fact, an American. In the process of levelling this false charge Mrs Clinton laid bare her own mendacity in a manner that took the breath away.

Since launching his bid for the White House, both Mr Obama and the Democratic Party have perpetrated a fraud on the world by suggesting that Mr Obama, who is biracial, is a ‘black man’ and that his 2008 presidential election was a tribute to the ‘inclusiveness’ of the Democratic Party and represented a milestone that would have been impossible were Mr Obama to have sought nomination by the ‘racist’ Republican Party.

At no time has anyone explained just why it was that a biracial individual like Mr Obama, who was abandoned in childhood by his black Kenyan father and wholly raised by his white American mother and grandparents, would later perform a bizarre volte face as an adult and embrace his father’s heritage as a mode of self-identification. What possible explanation could anyone offer for Mr Obama’s decision to throw the white heritage to which he owed his upbringing under the bus in adopting the ethnicity of a father who was not only absent from his early life but was reportedly abusive towards his mother?

The only explanation for this conduct lies in the basest and most calculating of political expediency. Mr Obama long ago figured that by self-identifying as a ‘black man’ he could ‘make history’ and command the global stage (and the history books) in a way that would never have been possible were he to have done so either as a ‘white man’ or as a bland ‘biracial’. For only by being ‘black’ would it be possible for him to craft the false narrative that he would later ride all the way to the Oval Office in order to assume his place in history as ‘America’s first black president’ given that a certain George Washington had already foreclosed any possibility of his ever becoming America’s first white one.

Mr Obama has since spent the last eight years passing himself off as something he, in fact, isn’t. The truth remains that America has yet to elect its first black president in the person of a candidate both of whose parents are not just black but are also descended from slaves. But such has been the desperation with which America has sought to overcome its racial past that the country has been willing to embrace Mr Obama as a symbol of that overcoming no matter how false that was. And the eight years of his presidency, far from putting the country’s painful history behind her, has rubbed salt into its wounds and brought it to a perilous climax.

Mr Obama is not now nor will he ever be a ‘black American’ in the same sense in which those who are descended from slaves are. And just as few would claim that an Irish-American of Western European origin shares the same history of genocidal victimisation (at Turkish hands) as an Armenian-American of Eastern European extraction, the suggestion that a half-Kenyan, half-Caucasian of East African lineage somehow shares a common heritage of racial persecution with the Black American descendants of West African slaves is an ahistorical fraud of the first order. West Africans have no more in common with their East African compatriots than do Western Europeans have with their Eastern European counterparts.

Ascribing anti-black racist motivations to Mr Trump for his quest for the birth certificate of the biracial son of a Kenyan immigrant and white Kansan (as Mrs Clinton sought to do during their Hofstra debate) is therefore every bit as absurd as imputing anti-Armenian prejudice to someone investigating the bona fides of an Irishman. Especially since no ‘birther’ movement ever arose in response to the presidential candidacies of the four black Americans (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Alan Keyes and Herman Cain) who preceded Mr Obama and whose White House bids were wholeheartedly embraced by Mr Trump.