The New Malcolm X


If Bill Clinton earned the moniker ‘America’s First Black President’ with his 1992 saxophone-playing appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show, Donald Trump let rip his Inner Negro when he mic-dropped Crooked Hillary Clinton multiple times during their second debate, whether it was his “you’d be in jail” quip or his “Honest Abe” put-down. If being ‘black’ transcends ethnicity and defines a certain kind of ‘swag’, chutzpah and disdain for authority (witness the near-universal opprobrium he has earned from the GOP establishment and mainstream media), Mr Trump just became the baddest and ‘blackest’ man in America since Malcolm X. The man is a total rock star. Not even Louis Farrakhan (or Snoop Dogg, for that matter) comes close. Mr Trump, a white man, has performed a truly stupendous feat of identity politics by becoming the de facto standard bearer of ‘blackness’ in America today. And with his ‘jail’ jibe propagating across the web in a kaleidoscope of ‘Thug Life’ iterations, we may well come to look back on this as the moment when WASP became the New Black and a viral Vine decided an election.


2 thoughts on “The New Malcolm X

  1. Great post. An old Edwin Markham poem (I think it was, corrections open)
    Prepare for all your days
    And meet them ever alike
    When you are the anvil, bear
    And when you are the hammer, strike

    (comes in all colors!!)

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