The Great Wall of America​​


I just had some thoughts on how President Donald Trump might build his proposed ‘Great Wall’ along the U.S.-Mexican Border…

  • Modelled on the voter registration ‘Freedom Rides’ of the 1960s (and mobilised by a vast social media effort), President Trump’s new ‘Freedom Riders’ would consist of millions of American volunteers who journeyed from every state in their country down to the U.S.-Mexican border, set up camp along its entire length and helped to build the ‘Great Wall of America’ under the supervision of construction experts
  • Fuelled with a Woodstock-like festive spirit, each of the participants in this effort would have their names permanently engraved in the section of wall to whose construction they had contributed in a manner similar to the names of fallen soldiers etched on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.
  • Non-participants in its construction could also have their names engraved on the wall by paying a fee that would help to defray some of its construction costs
  • Upon completion President Trump’s ‘Great Wall of America’ would take its place alongside sacred national monuments like Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial and the Statue of Liberty (as well as the world’s great attractions like the Giza Pyramid, the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower and Stonehenge) as a tourist attraction in its own right and not just some mundane ‘security barrier’
  • This epic national effort would infuse the participants with the same festive sense of purpose which fuelled the voter registration drives of the 1960s and could actually help to bring people together

You’re welcome.


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