The Farce Awakens?


The narrative presented in The Force Awakens is an entirely unconvincing one when one considers just how comprehensive was the Empire’s defeat in Return of the Jedi. For not only was the second Death Star totally destroyed but the Empire’s senior leadership – Darth Vader and the Emperor himself – were killed…
For TFA to present us with a storyline in which the Empire has miraculously “arisen from the ashes” of that defeat, successfully reconstituted its military power and rallied around a new leadership represented by Snoke and Kylo Ren – while offering no explanation as to just how that had happened – is as unpersuasive as if someone were to present us with a history of Germany in which, following its humiliating defeat in WWI (and the crippling Treaty of Versailles disarmament terms that were imposed upon her), had somehow magically “arisen from the ashes” of that debacle and rebuilt an even more powerful war machine than its predecessor – while offering no explanation as to how it had managed to pull off this feat, namely, through the mobilisation of German WWI veterans around the unlikely messianic leadership of an ex-corporal named Adolf Hitler and the rabid nationalism of his unstoppable political party, the NSDAP…
In light of this a far more compelling storyline for TFA would have been one in which the once-vanquished Empire was in the process of galvanising its own fallen soldiers around the rapidly spreading news of the emergence of a new Sith messiah – one possibly descended from either Darth Vader or the Emperor himself – and who was now leading a violent Galactic Revolt which the once-victorious Republic was scrambling desperately to put down…
This would be a post-war galaxy in which Imperial insurgents had managed to scrape together a new war machine out of the scavenged remnants of old Star Destroyers, TIE fighters and AT-AT Walkers and were staging galactic guerrilla raids against the Republic from the jury-rigged ruins of the bombed-out Death Star…
TFA should have thus opened with Republic troop carriers storming a village in which they had received word that an Imperial insurgent leader (who possessed information on the whereabouts of the Sith messiah) was hiding out and whereupon they encountered fierce resistance and during which the insurgent leader was able to make good his escape – or was captured…

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