William McRaven Is Wrong


Admiral William McRaven’s disgraceful attack on President Donald Trump has laid bare the former Navy SEAL commander’s political sympathies for the Democratic Party. We saw Admiral McRaven’s partisanship on full display in the aftermath of the Bin Laden raid when he gushed over Barack Obama (widely regarded as the most cowardly individual to have ever served as Commander-in-Chief), lauding Obama’s role in ‘Operation Neptune Spear’ and fawning over the ex-president as “the smartest man in the room”.

Long before President Trump’s assault on the corporate-owned news media, their destructive role as “manufacturers of consent” and Pied Pipers of public opinion had been brilliantly unmasked by one of the Left’s leading intellectuals, Noam Chomsky, and countless other luminaries at both ends of the ideological spectrum. The fact that McRaven is credited with planning one of the most (undeservedly) celebrated military operations in recent history endows him with no special credentials for challenging the veracity of President Trump’s denunciations of the lying MSM.

After all, when one compares McRaven’s Abbottabad mission with Sayeret Matkal’s 1976 ‘Op Thunderbolt’ raid on Entebbe or the SAS’s ‘Op Nimrod’ assault on the Iranian embassy in 1980, ‘Neptune Spear’ (which pitted over 70 Tier-One DEVGRU and CIA/SAD combatants backed by the full operational might of JSOC and USCENTCOM against a residential compound occupied by, at best, two military-age males, a few women and a smattering of children) has to go down as one of the most one-sided, overblown and hyper-glorified “special operations” in military history. It could just as easily have been carried out by a well-trained SWAT team and they likely wouldn’t have lost a multi-million dollar UH-60 in a blaze of ineptitude. The sieges at Ruby Ridge, Waco and the recent Ammon Bundy armed stand-off at Oregon’s Malheur Wildlife Refuge arguably involved more operational risk.

(What makes McRaven’s bizarre defence of the lying and irresponsible MSM especially disquieting is the damaging role they played in leaking details of the Bin Laden raid – and the Task Force Blue/ST6 unit which carried it out – to the general public and, in the process, endangering the lives of its members and their families. Classified details of the raid and its participants can now easily be found on Facebook and Instagram with a few simple hashtags…)

Has McRaven no memory of the unforgivable role played by that same lying MSM in beating the drums for the 2003 Iraq War and misleading thousands of US servicemen and women to their deaths in OIF and the human abattoirs of the Middle East? Why, President Trump’s own election victory in the face of the universal scorn heaped upon him by that same news media bears full and incontrovertible witness to the underlying truth of the President’s totally-justified frontal assault on the liars of the MSM and nothing McRaven has to say on the matter will upend that.

Admiral McRaven’s intervention in the political fray should be seen for what it quite plainly is: a transparent and pathetic opening gambit in his own well-laid plans to run, as a Democrat, for the US presidency in 2020. He will likely fare no better than his political heroine, Crooked Hillary Clinton, who has long since shuffled off the pages of history and into the dustbin of ignominy.

One thought on “William McRaven Is Wrong

  1. Well said. The distinguished (NOT) admirals recent comments about treasonous ex CIA chief as being an admirable honorable man shows just how delusional Admiral Billy boy is. And yes, I hope Trump honors his request to immediately yank Billy boys TS clearance also. Seems like BB is just as treasonous and sick as the lying John Brennan the Commie.

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