Alvan, Louis & Malcolm


ALVAN X WALCOTT: the (now deceased) Brother of current Nation of Islam leader #LouisFarrakhan and one of the suspects in the 14 February 1965 firebomb attack on the New York home of #MalcolmX#AlvanX also reportedly collaborated with Captain Clarence X Gill of Boston’s Mosque #11 and Captain John X Peters of Springfield’s Mosque #13 in an effort to obtain a pistol silencer from the late Leon X Ameer for use in an assassination attempt on Malcolm X.

The reason this matters is that, as the MINISTER of the aforementioned Mosque #11 (and as the BROTHER of Alvan X), there is simply no way in the world that LOUIS FARRAKHAN was not, at a minimum, aware of these specific efforts to murder Malcolm and, at worst, an active PARTICIPANT in them. This would flatly contradict Farrakhan’s long-standing assertion that the only role he may have played in Malcolm’s assassination was speaking vitriolic words that contributed to the murderous climate. Farrakhan, it would now appear, may have been a DIRECT and ACTIVE participant in the Malcolm X murder plot.

Malcolm himself referred to the roles of Alvan X and Captains Gill and Peters in efforts to take his life in this 1965 TV interview.


One thought on “Alvan, Louis & Malcolm

  1. As you well know, those of us who live in the “west” know that we’re the last bastion of the globalists. The U.S being more controlled and insular is headquarters, where the moves and countermoves are a “quantum entanglement”. Perspectives still raging on JFK assassination, 9/11, who’s who in fake news It takes a lot of digging in the sewer to get the truth about anything. That said, I respect your contention–the legal standard is motive and opportunity. I do not believe that Allah/God accepts informed benign neglect as an excuse; that one ordered or facilitated is obviously more serious and permanently noted to the wise “considerer”. A recent example of this paradox is that Benjamin Fulford has just stated his personal reasons why H.H. Dalai Lama is entirely suspect to him. As an at-distance observer the only thing I have to rely on is the honor and integrity of the claimant and my respect for his “knowing”. Not meant inconclusively, just obliged to say one soul to another: I take your claim seriously. And your felt obligation to state it Extra points for guts and placing self at risk, something at stake. Thanks and bless.

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