Trump Must Apologize…


PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP MUST ISSUE A FULL & UNRESERVED PUBLIC APOLOGY TO THE ‘CENTRAL PARK FIVE’….For succumbing to the relentlessly racist TV and newspaper coverage of their case (by the ‘liberal’ news media) which, at the time, portrayed them as mindless savages and that helped to inspire a private citizen like #MrTrump to take out full page adverts in the ‘liberal’ #NewYorkTimes in which he called for their punishment by Death…


…that the ‘liberal’ New York Times, which FREELY chose to take his money and PUBLISH his adverts and thus gave the #racism of which it now FALSELY accuses him a GLOBAL PLATFORM; which, at the time, carried daily FRONT PAGE stories of its OWN condemning the #CentralParkFive as GUILTY of the rape of the jogger #TrishaMeili and of their deserving of long term INCARCERATION; which, at the time, editorialised its fulsome PRAISE for #MrTrump and published screeds favouring the HARSHEST possible penalty for the accused perpetrators; which, at the time, was JOINED by the ‘liberal’ #WashingtonPost, #NewYorkDailyNews, #LosAngelesTimes, #BostonGlobe and every other ‘liberal’ newspaper in America in calling for their MERCILESS prosecution; and was further JOINED, at the time, by the ‘liberal’ reporters of #CBS, #NBC and #ABC in their hate-filled NIGHTLY news broadcasts that PLASTERED the faces of the Central Park Five all over PLANET EARTH as wild animals deserving of UNFORGIVING retribution…

…have all agreed to PRECEDE #PresidentTrump by issuing their own COLLECTIVE GLOBAL APOLOGY for the despicable role which they themselves played in BRAINWASHING the public with their OWN viciously racist propaganda and thus helping to perpetrate a racially-motivated MISCARRIAGE of justice which they would now have the world FALSELY believe was the SOLE responsibility of #DonaldTrump and his advertising campaign.



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