Can Dennis Rodman AVERT a Nuclear War?


Yep, Dennis Rodman.

There once was a time when Rodman’s friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was frowned upon as a curiosity born of their mutual eccentricity, a peculiar alchemy that blended Rodman’s attention-seeking penchant for the outrageous with Jong-un’s fetish for Black American pop culture. But as the world now finds itself teetering on the brink of a calamitous nuclear conflict, could it be that Rodman – as perhaps the only American who enjoys a personal rapport with America’s deadliest foe – could very well hold the key to world peace by opening a line of communication between America’s combustible president, Donald Trump, and the enigmatic despot of the DPRK?

Most might dismiss the idea out of hand. After all, Rodman is viewed as a lip-piercing celebrity has-been with little diplomatic experience or geostrategic aptitude. But what if his lack of those attributes was precisely what well-suited him to playing this historic role? What if the perceived naiveté of this African-American NBA Hall of Famer were just what was required to bridge the cultural and generational chasm separating a nuclear-armed 33-year old Asian demigod from his 71-year old white American nemesis?

For if the alternative is a planet-ending atomic holocaust, there are surely worse ideas than this.