Malcolm X, Trump & the Goldwater Effect


Has the election of President Donald Trump, a man rightly or wrongly perceived as ‘prejudiced’, already produced a favorable ‘Goldwater Effect’ of the kind Malcolm X mooted in this remarkably prophetic video clip in which he argues that the potential 1964 victory of the ultra-conservative Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater (and his perceived antipathy towards minority groups) would have been a positive development and one that drove said groups to greater self-reliance and productivity – and may this help to explain the recent announcement of a dramatic fall in Black unemployment since Trump took power?

And, if so, could it be that Trump’s perceived bigotry is, paradoxically and counter-intuitively, producing unintentionally beneficial outcomes in Black America and elsewhere in much the same way the Nazi Holocaust motivated Jews to create the State of Israel and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki traumatized Japan into a post-war economic miracle?

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