Should Trump Meet Quds Force Leader?


Instead of plotting to murder General Qassem Soleimani, has the time not come for US President Donald Trump to meet with the legendary commander of Iran’s Quds Force (which has been compared to a hybrid of America’s CIA and the shadowy Joint Special Operations Command or JSOC)?

A meeting between President Trump and General Soleimani (who recently topped Foreign Policy magazine’s 2019 list of global defense and security thinkers) would be as historic as that between King Richard the Lionheart and General Salah ad-Din (aka Saladin) and could bring peace to the entire Middle East.

After all, if President Trump could make peace with Kim Jong Un of the DPRK and order a troop pullout from Syria as part of the fulfillment of his presidential campaign pledge to terminate America’s endless wars in the Middle East there is nothing outlandish about a proposal that would see Trump sit down with General Soleimani if that could help end America’s decades-long conflict with Iran. Indeed, Trump and Soleimani could soon come to share the same ‘bromance’ that the US president now enjoys with North Korea’s KJU.

Contrary to US and Israeli government propaganda which seeks to portray the Islamic Republic of Iran as a genocidal ‘anti-Semitic’ regime that is bent on Israel’s destruction, Iran actually has the largest Jewish population in the Middle East after Israel itself, has over 20 active synagogues in Tehran alone and even has Jews serving in Iran’s parliament alongside its anti-Zionist Ayatollahs.

Indeed, there is not a little irony in the fact that the Jews of Israel actually have far more in common with their Muslim ‘enemies’ in Iran than they do with their Christian ‘friends’ in the United States of America.

For one thing, the Jews in Israel and the Muslims in Iran worship the same God (Allah/HaShem) and both reject the ‘Trinitarianism’ of America’s Christian supporters of Israel. Furthermore, Jews the world over can worship in Muslim mosques but are strictly forbidden by their faith from even setting foot inside Christian churches.

Jews in Israel share the same dietary habits as their Muslim antagonists in Iran and both condemn the consumption of pork by Israel’s Christian friends in the United States – no matter how many billions of dollars Israel receives each year from those ‘useful idiot’ Christians on Capitol Hill.

Both Judaism and Islam observe similar rituals (such as circumcision and polygamy) and impose capital punishments for the same sins (such as homosexuality, adultery and blasphemy).

Jews are respectful of the Muslim concept of Jesus/Isa observed by Iranians and other Muslims but utterly reject (along with Muslims) the divinity ascribed to Jesus by Israel’s Christian friends in the United States.

Furthermore Jews throughout history have found protection under Muslim rule (such as the 30,000 Jews presently living peacefully in Iran) while experiencing horrific persecution (such as the six million Jews murdered by Nazi Germany) under the genocidal anti-Semitic reign of Christians.

As a matter of fact, more Jews have been killed in anti-Semitic attacks carried out by Christians in America and Europe (such as the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting in which 11 Jews were slain) than have ever been murdered by ‘fundamentalist’ Muslims in Iran.

The sole reason that Jews and Muslims have enmity towards each other at the present moment is the 1948 founding of the secular State of Israel by the guilt-ridden post-Holocaust Christians of the Western world.

And the fact that Jews have found more support for the State of Israel from those Christians (with whom they have little in common) than they have from their Muslim cousins (with whom they share much in common) may prove to be the single biggest indictment against Israel’s legitimacy.

Israel, paradoxically, may need to become more Jewish in order for it to become fully compatible with Islam and the needs of Palestinian Muslims. In fact, it may need to become a fully-fledged Jewish theocracy (along Iranian lines) and one that strictly adheres to Jewish Religious Law, in order for it to secure true theological and international legitimacy in the eyes of Muslims.

Given the numerous similarities between Judaism and Islam we may one day witness a fully-fledged Jewish revolution in Israel (similar to the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran) and one that could see Israel’s religious Jews, the Haredim, violently depose ‘Shah’ Bibi Netanyahu and his corrupt secularists and replace them with a Haredi ‘Jewish Khomeini’ whom the Jews might hail as Israel’s long-awaited ‘Moshiach’.

And just as Jews have been able to live and worship safely within the militant Islamic Republic of Iran, the Palestinian Muslims could one day find as much safety doing the same within a truly Jewish theocratic State of Israel.

On that day, Palestinians will happily abandon their decades-long quest for a ‘Palestinian state’, agree to the absorption of Gaza and the West Bank into Israel and become full citizens of the ‘Jewish State of Palestine’ on the exact same basis as the Jews who presently enjoy full citizenship in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

All of this could be set in motion by a simple yet historic meeting between President Trump and General Soleimani. The fate of the world now rests in their hands.