Bring It Back


If we can drone strike British terrorists abroad why can’t we execute our own British murderers here at home? Support a UK referendum on the Death Penalty by signing our petition letter to the British Prime Minister. (REMEMBER: We can’t bring back Capital Punishment without leaving the EU.)


Dear Prime Minister,

Faced with daily news reports of senseless slaughter from knife crime on Britain’s streets coupled with our imminent withdrawal from the European Union (and its prohibitions against capital punishment), the British people are demanding a national referendum on one of the most urgent issues to have ever faced our country: namely, whether or not to reinstate the death penalty for the worst offenders at a time when their depravities would appear to know no bounds and their savagery has sent our world spiralling into a seemingly bottomless and blood-spattered abyss.

Opponents of capital punishment such as yourself may see little contradiction in harbouring high-minded reservations about the ‘immorality’ of the death penalty only to later grant your prime ministerial approval for the assassination, without trial, of British terrorism suspects in distant war zones. But the rest of us do.

After all, if you can bring yourself to authorise pre-emptive military action against UK passport holders whom your government has designated as ‘terrorists’ without granting those persons the courtesy of a court hearing (nor taking heed of the innocent lives routinely ‘collateralised’ in such operations), what possible justification could you rightfully offer for denying the faceless victims of murder and childhood sexual assault in this country the justice of seeing their own assailants suffer exactly the same fate after having had their crimes litigated before a judge and jury?

Your supposedly ‘principled’ opposition to capital punishment, partially based on fears that the innocent might be wrongfully put to death, is made a mockery by the absence of any such concerns as they relate to the countless civilians unintentionally slain by your air strikes on the British nationals of the Islamic State.

Executing Britons Abroad

The rationale you proffered to the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee for the RAF drone attack that killed a British citizen, Reyaad Khan, in 2015 was grounded in the “direct and imminent threat” to the UK that he was deemed to pose. This would make it impossible for you to argue that the execution of another British national, Dr Harold Shipman, whose slaughter of an estimated 260 innocents dwarfed the numbers lost to the 7/7 and Manchester Arena bombings combined (and fell just short of those slain at Lockerbie), could not have been justified on an even firmer legal basis.

Indeed, are you seriously arguing that the state-sanctioned killing of Dr Shipman, were he to have been found to be an ISIS operative (and assessed to pose an unspecified ‘terrorist threat’), could have been defended more soundly than could his execution following his criminal conviction for the murders of literally hundreds of helpless British pensioners?

Your own government’s counter-terrorism orgy of extra-judicial killings reveals that the UK has, for all practical purposes, persisted in carrying out the death penalty against its own citizens on foreign soil since the 1965 abolition of capital punishment and would therefore find scant ethical grounds for opposing the application of the same sanction to domestic criminals who present no less of a danger to the British public.

Furthermore, the advent of DNA biometrics and other advances in forensic science have since added a new layer of assurance that miscarriages of justice of the kind which resulted in the wrongful executions of Timothy John Evans, Derek Bentley and George Kelly would be all but impossible today. Indeed, it is precisely those very scientific breakthroughs that have made possible the vacation of several such convictions the world over and secured for many of their victims posthumous pardons.

EU Hypocrisy On Capital Punishment

By taking the historic decision, following a national plebiscite, to execute the first convicted murderers and paedophiles since 1965, the people of the United Kingdom would be delivering their most resounding riposte to the European Convention on Human Rights and the lamentable prosecutorial leniency it has long enshrined.

Through a 2020 referendum to reinstate capital punishment, Britons would finally be rid of the sanctimonious diktat of a hypocritical EU whose member governments proudly defend the slaying of their own citizens on foreign battlefields only to later feign ‘moral revulsion’ at any suggestion of capital punishment for domestic demons like Anders Breivik whose Nazi-inspired massacre of a staggering 77 Norwegian souls earned him a paltry 21-year custodial slap-on-the-wrist.

Britain Reborn

Upon restoring the death penalty, those DNA-verified murderers and paedophiles whose crimes were of the most heinous nature (such as the offences committed by Ian Huntley, Rosemary West and the Stephen Lawrence Five) would be eligible to have their sentences reviewed for the retroactive application of capital punishment. Offenders so chosen would be subject to execution by a Royal Marines firing squad in ceremonies to be later screened for their victims’ families and other select audiences.

The liquidation of these deviants would inflict a seismic blow upon the collective psyche of the criminal fraternity across the country, precipitating dramatic falls in violent crime in every city and providing law-abiding Britons with a cathartic outlet for long pent-up frustrations with our ludicrous legal system.

With the 2020 restoration of the death penalty, our faith in Britain’s courts and the punishments they render to the worst culprits would be renewed as we witnessed the ultimate sanction being meted out to those most deserving and we finally saw our country returned to the relative tranquillity it once enjoyed.

Madam Prime Minister, the British people call upon you to grant their concerns your urgent attention and announce an immediate national referendum to decide the matter.

Sincerely yours,

Paul B.

Republicans 4 Reparations?




Reparations for injustice in America have always been a Republican Party initiative. It was a Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who issued the Emancipation Proclamation under which freed slaves were to be granted restitution in the form of ‘40 acres and a mule’ – only to have those same reparations revoked by a Democrat, President Andrew Johnson (following Lincoln’s brutal assassination by another Democrat, John Wilkes Booth).

It was a second Republican, President Ronald Reagan, who signed the 1988 Civil Liberties Act granting Japanese Americans compensation for the racially-motivated wartime internment they suffered at the hands of yet another Democrat, President Franklin Roosevelt.

And it could now fall to a third Republican, President Donald Trump, to issue a Reparations Proclamation granting African Americans their long-overdue restitution for the brutal enslavement endured by their antecedents at the hands of the Democrats of the Confederacy.

By issuing a 2019 ‘Reparations Proclamation’ (similar to President Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation) and granting Black Americans their long-overdue ‘40 Acres and a Muleʼ in the form of a Bitcoin wallet worth $65 million to each and every DNA-verified slave descendant, President Trump could potentially skyrocket the global market value of the cryptocurrency to over $100 million or more per Bitcoin and, in the process, generate enough surplus revenue to fully rebuild America’s decaying infrastructure or wipe out America’s $22 trillion national debt.