May A Thousand PDFs Bloom


Could Iran Stage A WikiLeaks-Style “Nagasaki Of Nuclear Know-How”?

Faced with a relentless international campaign to deny her the Bomb, could Tehran threaten to DUMP all of the highly sensitive nuclear weapons know-how that she has amassed onto the worldwide web in an Assange-like “Informational Jihad” aimed at sharing the world’s best-kept nuclear secrets with all of humankind?

This “Hard-Drive Hiroshima” would be the data equivalent of the September 11th attacks and could see Iran shower humanity in a mushroom cloud of its hard-won nuclear weapon experiments, test data and warhead designs in a bid to overturn, in one fell swoop, the global system of nuclear apartheid which continues to separate the world’s nuclear haves from its have-nots. Such an action by Iran could force the planet’s nuclear weapon states to finally dismantle their own arsenals in fulfilment of their NPT pledges.

Having assembled, over many years, a veritable treasure trove of the world’s best-kept nuclear weapon design and manufacturing secrets – such as the R265 shock generator, IR-8 centrifuge, ‘Uranium Metal Document’, HEU spheroid, neutron initiator, streak camera diagnostics, shock-wave interaction experiments, hydrodynamic modelling, Parchin containment vessel, exploding bridgewires or EBWs, payload integration dimensions for the Shahab-3 reentry vehicle and such technical assistance as was provided by one Vyacheslav Danilenko – Iran could dump the whole lot, Snowden-style, onto the worldwide web (as well as disseminate this loot via multimedia thumb-drives and CD-ROMs) to every corner of Planet Earth in a “Pedagogical Pearl Harbour”.

Overnight, the atomic genie would be out of the bottle and all of humankind would have access to the most closely-guarded nuclear weapon secrets in a manner that could overwhelm the IAEA’s monitors and strip the nuclear weapon states of the privileged status they have long enjoyed.

In the run-up to the 2020 NPT Review Conference, the non-nuclear states of the global South should threaten to stage a planet-wide ‘Nuclear Brexit’ from the NPT and all other non-proliferation treaties and vow to launch a thousand Manhattan Projects across the Earth if the current nuclear powers fail to sign a multilateral agreement, with hard deadlines, for the complete and verifiable dismantlement of their own nuclear arsenals.

This act of ‘nuclear blackmail diplomacy’ by the world’s non-nuclear nations could reverse the planetary power balance away from the nuclear weapon states and create a global nuclear democracy that would finally liberate our species from the spectre of nuclear self-annihilation. Failing this, the world’s recalcitrant nuclear powers will have only themselves to blame should they one day awaken to the ‘Smiling Buddha’ of the long-dreaded ‘Black Bomb’.